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GCSE Geographical Investigation

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GCSE Geographical Investigation Managing Resources By Thomas Grayson 10J Introduction My key idea that are I have under investigation is the management of resources within Derwent Valley. Managing Resources There is a need to manage, preserve and enhance the environment (built and natural) to maintain the tourist trade. This can be achieved in a variety of ways. The Growth in tourism There has been a steady but dramatic increase in tourism since the 1920/1930's. This was due to the increase and availability of cars for the average family. As families began to develop more and more disposable income in which they could use to buy cars etc. ...read more.


3) Does the Upper Derwnet Valley have some or all the features of a honeypot location? How will answering these questions help me to investigate my title? By answering these questions I will gather evidence and information about the Upper Derwent Valley, I will then be able to decide whether there is a need for management or stewardship in certain areas of the Upper Derwent Valley. Background Information Over 100 years ago the Derwent Valley in North Derbyshire was identified as having all the necessary attributes for water storage to satisfy the growing needs of the local population and industry in North Derbyshire, Sheffield, Nottingham, Derby and Leicester, the valley being deep and long, surrounded by grit stone edges with narrow points for dam building, and having a high rainfall. ...read more.


Treatment works Yorkshire Bridge, opened 1929 Water filtered, chlorine added and pH corrected Bamford Stage I opened 1948 Bamford Stage II opened 1967 Where the water goes: (millions of liters) 450 (untreated) Sheffield 172 (treated) 77 Derbyshire 68 Leicester 27 Nottingham The Dambusters Derwent reservoir was used by the RAF's Dambusters to practise their low level flying techniques during 1943, in preparation for delivering Barnes Wallis' famous 'bouncing bombs' to German dams. Located in the West Tower of the Derwent Valley Dam is the Derwent Dam (617 Squadron) Museum which houses a collection of memorabilia dedicated to the famous Dams Raid carried out by 617 Dambusters Squadron. It includes photographs and other material covering all aspects of the Dams Raid Thomas Grayson 11J ...read more.

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