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Geography Fieldwork Write-up

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Geography Fieldwork Write-up Analysis Size of the Channel - the channel width grew larger the further downstream you were. This is shown on the diagrams of cross sections of the channel at 3 different points in the river. This is because of the higher discharge in the lower course of the river due to tributaries adding more water to the main river, therefore the river widens to be able to transport this extra water. Relationship between Velocity and Discharge - The Spearman Rank Correlation Co-efficient suggested a strong positive relationship between velocity and discharge. In other words, the higher the velocity of the river, the higher the discharge of the river. Roundness of the Load - the further down the river, the rounder the load was. ...read more.


However, since it was found in the middle course, a possible explanation is that the rock may just have fallen into the river where it was found, for example it may have been glacial scree, in which case it would not have been exposed to these erosion and transportation processes, therefore this would explain it's angularity. Size of Load - the further upstream you are the smaller the load. This is because discharge is low in the upstream areas, therefore it cannot transport a large load, therefore large rocks are deposited here. Similarly, the further downstream you are, the larger the load because the discharge is higher here, therefore can transport a larger load without having to deposit it. ...read more.


Limits of Conclusions The major limit of the conclusions was that only a relatively small section of the river was surveyed (2km). However, other areas of the stream may have been different and may have given us significantly different results, and consequently conclusions. A much larger section of the stream should have been surveyed in order to give more accurate and reliable results and conclusions. Possible Improvements to Methodology * Increase sampling size for all data areas * Use flow meter instead of a float to measure velocity * Extend the section of stream studied * Survey the stream at a different time of year * Geology - could have specified the types of rock that were randomly selected, as the type of rock could have affected its resistance to erosion and therefore it's roundness index ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Hydrology & Fluvial Geomorphology section.

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