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Geography GCSE Welsh board Coursework

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Geography Coursework Introduction My main intension of my coursework is to investigate the effects of tourism, the effects of honey pot settlement and to examine the advantages and disadvantage of tourism in Bowness for instance the effects of tourism in the geographical landscape of Bowness. I am undertaking my coursework on the subject of Bowness in Windermere which is a sprawling tourist town on the showers of Windermere. This is about halfway along the 12 mile length of the lake between Waterhead of the North end, and the lakeside at the South end. The Lake District is the largest and the most popular National park in Britain. Over 14 million people visit the park each year most are attracted by the fine scenery, pretty villages and interesting history. It's has a pleasant specialist shop experience, with cobbled streets, ample tea rooms and pubs and with Beatrix Potter everywhere. A road ferry service runs across the lake from a point south of Bowness on the eastern side of the lake to Far Sawrey on the western side of the lake. For many years, power-boating and water-skiing have been popular activities on the lake. Windermere is the largest natural lake in England, and is entirely within in the Lake District National Park. It has been one of the country's most popular places for holidays and summer homes since 1847, when the Kendal and Windermere Railway built a branch line to it. Since 'mere' means 'lake', referring to Windermere as 'Lake Windermere' is tautologous, though common. ...read more.


As well as creating direct employment tourism also supports local services, such as the bus and rail network, village shops and public houses. Without tourism many of these services would not survive and the local population would suffer as a whole, as has happened in many rural areas throughout the UK. Whilst tourism brings benefits to the Lake District and the people who live there it also creates problems. In Lake District one of the key problems is traffic congestion and the associated problems of pollution, noise, parking and so on. It is estimated that 89% of the visitors to the Lake District arrive by car and many of these pass through Lake District. The amount of traffic passing through Lake District has steadily increased as shown in Table 1. Problems of tourism Year 1981 1992 1997 1999 Average number of vehicles per day 9600 13500 14600 14700 Tourism brings other problems to the Lake District too; * damage to the natural environments * a lack of affordable housing for local people ( It is estimated that of the nearly 23000 dwellings in the Lake District 15% of the houses are either holiday homes or second homes and in a more recent survey thirty new developments it was found that 62% of the dwellings were occupied by retired people and 11% were holiday homes or second homes) which means many young people have to leave the region to find a place to live * a lack of well paid permanent employment (many jobs in the tourist trade are seasonal and low paid) ...read more.


What would you change about Lake District? "Wouldn't change a thing" "Loves it as it is" "I would change the traffic" "I would change the number of people" "Change the number of Mini bus" For this question I was expecting the tourist to address the problems of traffic and pollution as I anticipated the preponderance of tourist addressed the issue. I asked the tourist this question to find out what problems tourists face in Bowness. I decided to use a pie chart which will display my results in a understandable design. Questions for Locals The key questions that need to be researched and answered are: What is quality of life and what factors affect it? Why do people visit Lake District? What effect do these visitors have on Lake District? What are the opinions of local residents and businesses? What impact do visitors have on quality of life in Lake District? All my questions are selected on geographical ideas to interpret my evidence adequately. I asked the tourist and locals if they don't mind me asking a few question in order to aid my coursework most tourist and locals were happy to help. 1) How long have you lived in Bowness? "4 years" "Born here" "3 years" "6 years" For this question I was expecting the tourist to address the problems of traffic and pollution as I anticipated the preponderance of tourist addressed the issue. I asked the tourist this question to find out what problems tourists face in Bowness. I decided to use a pie chart which will display my results in a understandable design. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honeypot_(geography) http://www.windermere-lakecruises.co.uk/bowness.htm http://www.iknow-lakedistrict.co.uk/tourist_information/central_lake_district/windermere/windermere_history.htm http://www.know-britain.com/cities_towns/lake_district_history_attractions.html http://www.bownesshistoricalsociety.com/history.html http://www.aboutbritain.com/towns/bowness.asp http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/tvchoice/tvc62x.htm www.sawtrycc.com/docs http://www.craigasquith.co.uk/resources/lake+district.jpg ?? ?? ?? ?? Sangeeth Jainlal ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Global Interdependence & Economic Transition section.

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