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Geography - Housing

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1. What it was like before redevelopment There was mixture of high rise blocks of flats and also deck access housing. The high rise flats were unsafe and security was a huge issue. Lifts were nearly always out of order and due to the dark corridors, people felt unsafe because no-one would know if you were attacked. It was too expensive to have electricity so they instead had gas. The lower floors had rising damp, and the whole block was structurally unstable. The deck access housing was also very bad in terms of security. Because it was one long corridor that they referred to as a street you had to walk past all houses to get to yours. This in turn made it very unsafe. The residents were unhappy because they had no personal territory; they had nothing to make their own. ...read more.


People felt they had places of their own that they could look after and enjoy. The houses had character and open spaces so you had freedom away from the community. The community was less crime orientated. There were more amenities around as well as things for children to do. Jobs were created along with the houses and residents had a say in what happened so it installed a community spirit. As well as this, some members of community actually helped with the building works. 4. Disadvantages of new housing There aren't any disadvantages because there was regular meetings with members of the community where they said what they wanted in the area. Therefore, because it was built to their needs and wants there are no disadvantages Arndale shopping centre Extensive redevelopment has been taking place to the Arndale Centre since September 2003. ...read more.


Also, the mindsets of people will need to change. People will need to stop causing fear by mugging people and being violent. Children roaming the streets causing trouble will need to be controlled, but hopefully amenities will keep them occupied. Residents will need to look after their homes and their surrounding areas, and not litter everywhere. Hulme 1980's 1990's and 00's In 1991 a City Challenge initiative was introduced as competition for government funds. This bought together money to fund physical, social and economic work. �37.5 million over five years was awarded to this scheme. They tried to improve it in these ways: Economic- Encourage new industrial and commercial development Employment- Improve quality of training and increase employment opportunities. Housing conditions- Demolish unfit housing and modernise and improve council housing Housing Choice- develop new housing for sale or rent including low cost housing Environment- Provide green open space for recreational uses Social Fabric- Help in crime prevention activities, improve health facilities, develop current community facilities. ...read more.

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