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Globalisation isn't only about what is 'out there', remote and far away from the individual. It is an 'in here' phenomenon too, influencing intimate and personal aspects of our lives" Discuss

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Stephen Rooney "It is wrong to think of globalisation as just concerning the big systems, like the financial order. Globalisation isn't only about what is 'out there', remote and far away from the individual. It is an 'in here' phenomenon too, influencing intimate and personal aspects of our lives" Discuss Globalisation is the occurrence of advances in transport and communication technology. We no longer live as separate systems or societies but as one collective organism. The world as we know it is getting smaller and we now have no geographical boundaries. With the advances in technology there has been a shift in power. Industries, politics, culture, finance and economies are controlled by fewer individuals. This is globalisation on an 'out there' level where it only affects the individuals involved and not the lives of the average person. The individuals not directly involved see globalisation as something that is happening far away and that it does not affect their day to day lives. However they are unaware of the power of globalisation and how much they are actually involved in the process. 'Out there' globalisation describes how the world is getting smaller on a political or industrial level. ...read more.


created to increase global corporate profitability' and there has been numerous occasions whereby the good of the planet has been compromised for profit. This also shows how much power America and the west have over any country in their chase for capital. Globalisation represented so far has shown the detrimental effects of this process however some people believe that globalisation does not mean that we exploit and lose the many divers cultures around the world that in fact we merely share them and learn from them which is a healthy experience. This is said to lessen homogeneity and increase cultural diversity. Some people may criticise this comment as we are not sharing cultures just merely diluting and tasting them and in turn losing them all together. However we must think forward and if we are now entering a new stage in history, new cultures will be formed and old ones lost. Globalisation is the future and although its consequences are irreversible it would seem impossible to have one global culture. The world will always be a diverse and different place. We must also look at the worldwide organisations that have gone to help under- developed countries. The Red Cross symbol is as well known as any Nike tick or Coca-Cola sign. ...read more.


If we are to believe that the world is getting smaller and that we no have no geographical boundaries everything that happens in the world will in turn have some effect on our lives. The concept of 'out there' has become distorted and blurred. As we have seen Industrial globalisation affects everyone. For example a car manufacturing company could decide to move its factory from Sheffield in England to somewhere in Spain. This not only affects the car company but also the workers who will lose there jobs the economy of the city and the economy of the country. With globalisation comes this snowball affect. No decision can be made without it affecting the whole world. With industry, politics and economy all being controlled on a global level events that happen around the world effect our everyday lives even more so now with the introduction of the Euro. Globalisation does not just involve the big systems but every individual. Globalisation works in a detrimental way for everyone and if allowed to maintain its course everyone will be affected and cultures and identities will be lost. Globalisation cannot be categorised as 'out there' or 'in here' as it is all around us affecting our day to day lives in more ways that we can imagine. ...read more.

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