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Hard & Soft Engineering Coastal Management Case Studies

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´╗┐Hard & Soft Engineering Coastal Management Case Studies Hard Engineering - Coastal Management - Isle of Wight The Isle of Wight has 65 miles of spectacular coastline, 28 miles of which are designated Heritage Coast. This varied coastline is one of the Island?s main assets. The Isle of Wight has four coastal defence options: 1. Hold the Line ? retain existing coastline ? maintain current deference?s, upgrade or install new ones 2. Do nothing but monitor ? it may not be technically, environmentally or economically possible to do coastal defence work 3. Retreat the line ? this is used to manage the rate and process by which the coast retreats 4. Advance the line ? build new defences seaward, in front of the land, to protect the land behind Monks Bay * Cliff ...read more.


Sediment in groyne has been a problem, as some has overtopped the rock groynes since 1992 Wheeler's Bay * Ageing sea walls were in danger of collapsing * This could have reactivated ancient landslides * Property was becoming unsellable * 15,000 tonnes of Norwegian granite * This formed a rock revetments and the coastal slopes were regarded to make a shallow profile before installing land drainage * Completed in 2000 at a cost of £1.6 million – increased property value Castle Cove * Existing wooden revetments were becoming ineffective as clay cliffs retreated * Properties costing over £10 million were at risk * Coastal processes would activate ancient landslides * Stabilising the slopes with thousands tonnes of chalk * Installing land drainage (before replacing the top soil) ...read more.


* Effective as they reduce the amount of erosion from waves as the waves break before - the energy dissipates. Siloso beach is a high tourist attraction and the breakwaters have been used and integrated in tourist attractions such as 'MegaZip'. C:\Users\Alex\AppData\Local\Temp\msohtmlclip1\02\clip_image001.jpg Machine generated alternative text: _______ .. __ _ - ! — _J _ç - \-- •1 ________________ Soft Engineering - Coastal Management The Sefton Coast, NW England * 20% of the UK's Sand dunes * Pine forests being * Erosion rate is 5 m per year (dredging and wall construction in Liverpool makes less material available Why manage? Large number of visitors attract it The pine forest is a colonies for the red squirrel Sand extraction for glass polishing Techniques * Board walks for visitors (Don't trample on the sand) * Fenced of and zoned off areas * Vehicles prohibited ...read more.

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