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How brickwork and landfill site affects local people's life?

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Analysing my data and answering my questions. 1) How brickwork and landfill site affects local people's life? The questionnaire from local people may give reasonable answers to this question. When we were asking local people questions, we provided them with scale indicator. If they find they are badly affected by brickworks, they indicated it as 10 in the questionnaire, and indicate 0 as not been affected at all. From the questionnaire, we can see the brickworks and landfill site generally effects the majority of the people that we asked, lots people felt badly effected, some people felt slightly effected. Only minority of people said the brickworks and landfill site does not effect them at all. To simplify the questionnaire, I produced graphs on how local people effects by brickworks and landfill site in average. I also divided the graph into four smaller areas in each site, e.g.: the smell, traffic jam, rubbish and bad eyesore produced by the sites. *The effects from the brickworks. From figure A1-1, it shows us the total score of the effects on local people by the brickworks. Marston Moretaine got the highest, which is 467. Then followed by Wootton with 397. Ampthill scored the lowest with 177. By looking at the graph, we notice that brickworks have generally affected people in Marston Moretaine the most and there are a lot less effects on people in Wootton from brickworks. ...read more.


This time, there's a steady increase of score in Amphill, compare it with other areas. The average score in Amphill is 4. The people in Marston Moretaine they been effected the most among three villages, with average score of 5. Only a little impact on people who living in Wooton, with average score of only 2.6. 2) What's local people's knowledge on Marston Vale Community Forest project? We can find the answer on the questionnaire I did on the day; one of the questions was asked for how much knowledge they have on Marston vale community forest project. For the readers to read the results easily, I produced a graph of it, which is figure A6-1. The graph describe as 47% of the people we asked has some knowledge on the project, 30% of the people we asked said they have a good knowledge on the project, only 4% of people has extensive knowledge on the project, 19% percent of them told that they know nothing on the project at all. In all the people we asked for questionnaire, 1 out of 5 knows nothing about the Marston Vale community project. So I decided to look in more detail of this group of people. I divided them into age groups, shown in figure A6-2 as percentage. In this group of people who knows nothing about the project, 13% of them are aged between 0-19, 20% of them are aged between 40-59, and 27% of them are elderly people who are older than 60 and 40% of them are aged between 20-39. ...read more.


Reforesting and turning the pits into lake only solves the environmental issue. Landfill site not just solves the environment issue, but also provide a place where to bury the waste. Which I would call the landfill site restoration is a "double achievement". Evaluation. Although I have finished my coursework, but I would like to point out following areas I can do to improve my coursework. 1) The timing on the day trip in Marston Vale was very hurry. For example, I could have got much more information from the community forest centre if there's enough time for me to do so. We could have asked more local people for the questionnaire, maybe 5 for each group, and we may have a more detailed questionnaire. 2) We didn't do the water test in Stewartby Lake on the day trip, but done it more than two months later. This will definitely varies the results that it should be. So I don't think the water test results is very reliable to say whether the river has been polluted by the landfill site or not. 3) I could have collect more information, like: doing more questionnaires with local people in holiday, taking more photographs, experiencing the clay extraction pit one more time, re-doing the water test, and drawing a better filed sketch to strength my initiative. But because I'm an overseas student, all the things that I mentioned above are relatively more difficult for me to do. Thank you for reading my coursework! The End. ...read more.

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