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How Britain was represented in theFocus films

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How Britain was represented in the Focus films The three focus films we watched all portrayed a much more realistic view of Britain than a lot of previous films which seem to convey a chocolate box image of Britain in order to appeal to the American Market. Our three focus films were 'Trainspotting', 'The Full Monty' and 'Brassed Off'. All of which seemed to represent Britain as a nation in turmoil or this at least seemed to be the case for the working class. The films addressed real problems in Britain for working class men, such as the mines being shut down in 'Brassed Off' and the steel mills closing in 'The Full Monty'. Each of the films seem to have some sort of political message in them, 'Brassed Off' seems to be extremely anti conservative and condemning of 'Thatcherism'. The film is largely based around the pit closures, however, it a part of the storyline will still appeal to the American market with the chocolate box view of Britain, which follows the rise of an orchestra. ...read more.


The view is summed up in the scene where 'Renton' (Ewan McGregor) makes a speech about being Scottish and the, in his words, 'sorry state of affairs' that the country is in. The main points in his speech are about how the country has no control over its fate as it is being governed by the English. Also that no one in the country seems to understand the counties history, and while the country may look nice and have a history of national heritage, it doesn't really count for anything. This is a direct contrast to the ideology of 'Brassed Off', which suggests that heritage is something to be proud of and is worth fighting for. Renton also touches on the huge drug problem in Scotland; this representation may also come as a shock to the American audience as drugs aren't really something that the Americans associate with Britain and Merry Old England, which is the setting of the drug deals that happens later on in the film. ...read more.


I think that the message the films are sending is that British industries are collapsing, if this was the message then you have to agree with them, the films could have very easily be based on the British car industry as now, with the imminent collapse of 'MG Rover' , we are soon to be without any British owned car manufacturing companies. This reflects what Renton was saying in his speech about Scotland having no heritage, as the way our industries are going; we too will have no heritage. This may be the reason why films like the focus films are being made as appose to the British films of yesteryear. As when the chocolate box films were being made on a huge scale, British industries seemed to be enjoying a fair degree of success. However, now that are industries are dying off, our film making is reflecting this and I think this is why the change has come about in the way some of the more recent films seem to represent Britain. ?? ?? ?? ?? Mark Hughes ...read more.

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