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How does beach sediment vary along the coast between Lochranza and Catacol?

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How does beach sediment vary along the coast between Lochranza and Catacol? Hypothesis For my investigation we studied a 550m stretch of beach between Lochranza and Catacol on the Isle of Arran, as shown on the OS map (page 2). On this beach it consisted of many granite and phylite pebbles. Phylite could have ended up here from erosion from the cliffs by abrasion. The granite however is not located in this area of the island and could only be transported by the River Eason, joining the River Charmadale and also the River Catacol. I think more likely though that the granite, which ended up on the beach we are studying, came from the River Catacol. When the granite is deposited at the river mouth they are all different sizes and we say that they are 'unsorted'. This granite could have been transported round to the location where we studied by Longshore Drift travelling from the Southwest and transporting sediment along the coast towards the Northeast sorting the granite as it moved. There is evidence that longshore drift is acting and travelling from the Southwest direction. ...read more.


0 3.5 3.1 4.1 3.1 4.1 2.5 2.4 2.0 3.2 3.3 50 3.2 3.1 2.5 2.2 2.0 2.3 3.1 2.2 2.3 2.8 100 2.6 3.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.1 1.8 3.4 3.8 2.4 150 2.5 2.0 1.8 3.1 2.2 3.5 2.6 2.5 4.0 2.5 200 5.8 8.3 4.6 3.6 3.1 3.5 6.3 5.0 2.9 5.2 250 8.9 9.2 8.5 8.6 8.7 6.8 8.2 6.5 10.7 8.9 300 7.2 8.5 7.3 3.5 8.2 6.0 6.8 12.5 3.9 6.7 350 8.7 8.9 7.0 6.2 9.2 5.9 6.0 11.2 9.9 10.2 400 4.1 4.6 9.4 8.6 15.0 6.5 11.0 8.5 15.1 8.6 450 7.1 5.6 5.0 7.5 5.5 4.1 7.5 6.5 6.6 7.6 500 7.5 10.2 10.8 6.8 8.9 11.0 9.8 10.1 9.5 5.2 Data Presentation and Analysis When back to the field study centre we attempted to interpret the results we had collected. I calculated the mean pebble size for each sample and from this calculated the standard deviation. The results are displayed on the next page. Mean b-axis and Standard deviation results: Distance From Start (m) Mean b-axis (cm) Standard Deviation 0 3.13 0.68 50 2.57 0.4196 100 2.31 0.928 150 2.68 0.6297 200 4.83 1.59 250 8.45 1.035 300 7.11 2.42 350 ...read more.


I believe that my results were reliable. Although there could have been things that could have been done to have made them more reliable. One for example could have been where we used footsteps to mark out 50m rather than measure every 50m with the tape measure. This would have made the results more accurate because we may have been taking results from slightly incorrect places. Also to make the results more reliable we could have gone further up the beach and taken more results. When taking the data there were several limitations that I had to take into consideration. One was that we only took 10 pebbles from each quadrat and if we had taken more of a range then we may have got more accurate results. This could not be done because of the limitation of time. Time also is a limitation that affected the amount of quadrats that we studied. We could have done more but the time as well as the tide coming in (affected by time) determined how many we could do. If we could have done more samples it would have improved it. Matthew Coward Matthew Coward Page ...read more.

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