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How does the study of Rubbish Disposal, Recycling and our use of resources explain about Sustainable Development in the UK, USA and Canada?

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How does the study of Rubbish Disposal, Recycling and our use of resources explain about Sustainable Development in the UK, USA and Canada? Introduction Geography is the study of places, the human and physical processes, which shape them, and the people who live in them. This essay is on Rubbish Recycling and the use of resources in the UK, USA and Canada (see map). UK is in Europe whilst USA and Canada are in North America. Most of the information on this essay is related to the video titled 'Down in the dumps'. In our every day lives we create a lot of rubbish. ...read more.


it causes pollution and spoils the scenery etc. It affects all the wildlife in the environment. More about the affects will be discussed further on in the essay. I hope you enjoy reading this essay. Nothing in this world is rubbish. Every thing can be recycled. Over 12 000 people are employed to clean rubbish. Over 7 million people live in New York (see map) and 32 tons of rubbish is disposed every year. This means there is a lot of rubbish but where does this rubbish go? ...read more.


Here they are transferred onto barges. One barge can hold 700 tons. These barges are then taken to land filled sights. The garbage is then buried underground. Over the rubbish only a thin layer of soil is put on. Here we could see the fact that rubbish is harming the environment. What is going to grow over rubbish? Think of how many land filled sited will be needed to fill all the rubbish. The land filled sites are usually 150ft high. When it rains, some rain goes over the surface whilst most of the rain is absorbed into the soil. The water then goes into the garbage and a lot of chemical reactions take place. This then travels deep do the water supply ...read more.

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