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How Does Tourism Affect Hong Kong?

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How Does Tourism Affect Hong Kong? Introduction: In this piece of coursework, I will keep a diary of primary and secondary data and analyze them so that it can explain to me the circumstances which Hong Kong tourism is facing and how it can be improved in the future. It also explains the advantages and disadvantages which tourism brings to Hong Kong How I did it? What information was needed? In my piece of coursework, I will use a mixture of primary data such as questionnaires for tourists which I have designed and secondary data such as cuttings from newspaper and magazines. The questionnaire which I designed was used at hot tourist attractions in Hong Kong such as the Peak, Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront, Stanley and the Star Ferry. My questionnaire was designed to get an impression of Hong Kong from a tourist's point of view. The secondary data such as newspaper and internet articles which I collected explains to me the current state of tourism in Hong Kong. How does tourism affect Hong Kong economically? Tourism is one of the biggest industries in Hong Kong. In fact from research, Hong Kong is one of the most popular single destinations for tourists in the world. Hong Kong relies very heavily on tourism. Without tourism there wouldn't be Hong Kong. Each year, Hong Kong brings in more than 10 million tourists. However, there are both advantages and disadvantages of the large tourism industry in Hong Kong. Social Costs and Benefits Firstly, tourism brings to Hong Kong both private costs benefits, as well as social costs benefits. ...read more.


According to the primary data which I collected from my surveys at different tourist points. I have found out that most tourists like to visit attractions such as The Peak, Stanley and the Big Buddha located on Lantau Island. These are the three most popular attractions in Hong Kong. However, the list goes on. Whether it's the museums, great restaurants or the exciting nightlife, the Hong Kong tourism association tries their best to guarantee to offer a tourist an unforgettable experience. Tourist Attractions - Hong Kong provides fun-filled experiences for tourists. The top tourist attractions include: * The Peak Tower- The peak tower is definitely the place for tourists to visit if they want to take an overview of the magnificent infrastructures of Hong Kong. The Peak Tower has a wide range of restaurants and food outlets plus novelty shops where visitors can get a souvenir to preserve their memories of their exciting experience. A good idea of reaching The Peak Tower could be taking a ride on the Peak Tram where on the way up, a good overview of Hong Kong could be captured. * Stanley Market - The Stanley Market is one of Hong Kong's most popular destinations for overseas visitors. It fulfills a tourist's day with both fun-filled shopping and relaxation. The Stanley Market is an open-aired market where souvenirs could be bought at a bargainable price. * The Big Buddha - The Big Buddha is located on one of the out lying islands in Lantau. The Big Buddha statue weighs more than 220 tonnes and sits 24.6 meters high opposite the Po Lin Monetary on the hillside of Ngong Ping in Lantau Island. ...read more.


The draw allows a chance to prizes totaling up to $15 million. To enter the super draw, participants must spend at least $100 in three different areas; dining, shopping and transport. For each $100 they spend, they will be given a stamp. A collection of all three stamps will be eligible to enter the super draw. The second campaign which the government held after the SARS crisis was Harbour Fest. The Harbour Fest is music festival featuring both International and Local pop stars. The aim was to attract tourists to visit Hong Kong to watch this fantastic music festival. It also tries to prove to people that Hong Kong is now SARs free and would rise again to be one of the top international tourist destinations. On July 27th 2003, the Hong Kong Stadium hosted a football match between the top class English Premiere League team Liverpool and the Hong Kong National Football Team. Following this event, the less than 2 weeks later, it again hosted another football match against the even more famous Real Madrid as the Government-sponsored mega-events of the Relaunch Hong Kong campaign. The Hong Kong Government has raised all these campaigns to prove that Hong Kong is now SARs free and is capable of hosting international mega events. Conclusion In conclusion, the government has done a great job trying to boost its tourism industry especially after the SARS epidemics. In the meantime, it has raised many campaigns and promoted Hong Kong's tourism in various ways. As most Hong Kong's economist predicted, the tourism industry in Hong Kong will hopefully bounce back to its original state by the end of 2003. Francesco Chan 11J ...read more.

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