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How is the provision of services affected by the size or distribution of the population within the vale of Ffestiniog?

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How is the provision of services affected by the size or distribution of the population within the vale of Ffestiniog? Introduction The purpose of my work on the Vale of Ffestiniog is to look at the 14 settlements in the Vale of Ffestiniog. I will look at the provision of services in each settlement and the size of the settlement. From this I will determine if the provision for services is affected by the population size of that settlement. I will expect to find the biggest difference in provision for services between Garreg Llanfrothen the smallest of the 14 settlement with a population of 132 and the largest settlement Blaenau Ffestiniog with a population of 3494. Key question I must answer for every settlement so that my results are accurate are 1. What is the population of the settlement? 2. How many services are available to the population of each the settlement? 3. To determine from my data if there is any relationship between the population size and distribution to the provision of services? My aim is to discover the relationship if any between services provided for the population of the settlement and the actual population of the settlement. Also I will see if distribution of the population has anything to do with it. Local information and history Blaenau Ffestiniog was built around a large slate industry and its population in 1891 was mainly the slate workers and their family, which were nearly 12000 inhabitants. ...read more.


Figure 6.4 in the appendix. This source provides detailed maps of the Vale of Ffestiniog so that I may clearly show the distribution of people in the area. Maps can not zoom in to show more detailed layouts of settlements e.g. the location of certain shops. Source could have more detailed individual maps of each individual settlement Data representation. This Pie Chart shows the percentage each settlement population size takes up over the total population size of the Vale of Ffestiniog. Figure 3.1 Graph/table showing the total population of each settlement. Also shows how the population is distributed Porthmadog being the bottom of the Vale of Ffestiniog and Blaenau Ffestiniog being the top part of the Vale Figure 3.2 Graph showing the amount of services provided in each settlement. Graph was created from figure 6.3 in the appendix. Figure 3.2 Graph/table showing the number of services provided in each settlement. Graph was created from my service survey in the appendix. Figure 6.1 Figure3.3 Data Analysis and Explanation In this section I will analyse the data I have used for this work. The data I have used the most is found in the appendix figure 6.4 my service survey which was primary data but I did edit it using to types of secondary data a web site and a sheet called rural settlement study list of organisations and organised activities (figure 6.2 found in the appendix). ...read more.


This aim was completed I investigated my question and aim the best I could in the time I had. My spearman's rank answers my question because it shows a strong positive correlation between the provision of services and the population of the settlement. This proves a relationship exists between the two. So when the population changes a lot the provision for services is also effected. More people means more services are needed to deal with the people and less people means less trade for current services so they can't afford to carry on. One thing which proves this is when our field work was done in Blaenau Ffestiniog there were a number of houses and shops boarded up and left derelict because Blaenau Ffestiniogs population is on the decrease. My work could have been improved by spending more time on field work and doing it on your own not working in groups and relying on other people who could make mistakes. More in-depth work could have been carried out the service survey I feel it may have been inaccurate in some places. Also my spearman's rank would have been better with 15 sets of data not 14. This is because spearman's rank was designed for 15 sets of data but I only used 14. I could of improved my questionnaire by making it more specific for my title question. I could of asked the questionnaire at different times of the day or year to get a more accurate set of answers from a wider range of people. ...read more.

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