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How Portishead and Weston super mare differ.

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By 1870 Portishead was a peaceful exclusive resort that the wealthy went to too relax. Weston super mare was already quite different because the pier attracted day trippers, who were often miners and they spent a rowdy day drunk and having fun. From here these towns went their own ways depending on several factors; piers, natural features, modes of access and types of accommodation. By the 1900 they are completely different. Weston super mare had the first massive advantage of having a huge flat beach, which in comparison to the rocky aria in Portishaed was very attractive and a lot more comfortable. It was long enough for the men and women to have separate bathing arias and flat enough for bathing machines to run on Portishead on the other hand had Rodmoor marsh lands and a small rocky beach which did not allow these things to take place. ...read more.


On the other hand Portishead had no passenger railway until 1904 (goods trains by 1867) and even then the station was near the docks. This meant that through the whole time frame that I am looking at, Weston had a cheep passenger railway link and Portishead did not. Portishead was accessed by expensive horse and carriage which would have only been done by the rich. At the end of birnbeck pier there was a docking station that paddle steamers would stop off at and, on bank holidays, off load hundreds off welsh miners?. Where as at Portisheads pier even though paddle steamers did drop people off to drink at the royal inn, there were not as many because they could find pubs a lot nearer home, also the great tidal change caused a big problem. ...read more.


In Portishead the Bristol city council was responsible for most of the land and they developed it in a different way. They went for a more industrial type of investment and developed business ? rather than attractions like Weston did. From the work that I have done you can see that Weston continued to develop as a sea side town because of the natural features and easy accessibility. On the other hand Portishead did not because most of the money that was invested was put into business and not pleasure attractions; it also lacked natural features like a sandy beach. ?? ?? ?? ?? ?.for the less well off there was boarding house where people who owned property would cram their family into one room and rent out the rest of it to holiday makers ? The docks and the gas works were to that were heavily invested in ? on one bank holiday thousands of miners turned up and stayed on the pier all day . ...read more.

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