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How public services deal with environmental issues

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How public services deal with environmental issues There are many different environmental issues that our public services have to deal with and in doing so often have to adapt there ways of operation so that they can be as effective as possible some of these issues that affect our public services are outlined below. Physical problems * Land pollution * Sea pollution * Air pollution Air pollution This is normally associated with global warming and the green house gasses. Air pollution can also be linked to the meteor logical problems that we are experiencing in sense of floods and other extreme weather which means that public service organisations have to deal with the after math of such an event taking place e.g. * Boscastle floods * Tornado in Birmingham in 2005 The public services can only deal with such events as they happen and ...read more.


This has also lead a more in depth disaster planning Land pollution The police and local authorities tackle land pollution in two different ways but with the same objective- they issue penalty notices. Police hand out �50 on the spot fines to anyone caught littering and the council not only do the same but they can also issue up to a �1000 fines for fly tipping. A resent case of such a fine is were a man was fined �50 from his local authority for throwing away a letter it was traced back to him because his name and address was still attached. Meteor logical problems * Weather Flooding This can be seen in the recent flooding of North Cornwall were all four public services had to work together (Police, Fire, Ambulance and Army) ...read more.


Social problems * Graffiti * Freedom of expression * Vandalism Freedom of expression This can be seen as a changing issue because we have the right to express what we believe in and this can be seen in recent protests about the profit Mohammed drawings where demonstrators protested in London. Although police had to deal with this situation sensitively it was recently reported in the media how a number of protesters were arrested for inciting hate and encouraging murder. Vandalism and Graffiti Today this can be tackled in a number of ways and not only buy the police. Multi agency partnerships with local councils and community wardens (PCSO and local rangers/wardens) can normally be of a great benefit cause in the past diversion techniques have been used such as the Safe Style UK concept in south Yorkshire aimed at keeping people occupied and in effect keeping them out of triouble. Shaun Ferguson Task 1D ...read more.

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