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Human Impact

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Human Impact Essay Evaluation Deforestation is an example of a Global Impact. Forests are cleared to meet demands of increasing human population. With modern technology, forests are being cleared at a much faster rate than they can be replaced. There are many reasons why people cut down trees. Some of the reasons are explained below. Many trees have been cut down to make way for urban development. Land has to be cleared for building houses, roads, factories and many more buildings. Land is also cleared for cultivation purposes as land is needed to grow crops. Land is cleared for grazing purposes as large open grasslands have to be provided for grazing by cattle, sheep, horses and other animals. Deforestation also occurs to obtain timber. Timber (wood) is needed for construction and furniture making, paper industry and fuel as firewood. Deforestation occurs to obtain fibers from plants. Plants are useful sources of fibers for the production for making synthetic textiles, e.g. rayon. There are many effects of deforestation for example, soil erosion, flooding, desertification and climatic change. Forests are important in soil stability. ...read more.


Laws that ensure that trees for timber are cut down selectively and at a regulated rate protect the remaining forests worldwide. Young trees and seed trees are not felled. New seedlings are planted to replace those trees that were cut down for timber. The forestry departments look after forest reserves and ensure that forest conservation laws are obeyed. They check the trees regularly and help control insects and diseases that harm them. Scientist in forestry departments carry out research to improve the quality of forest trees and make the forest more productive. These measures that are implemented help to reduce rapid deforestation. These methods also make sure that trees that are cut down, the land is used for good purposes. Air pollution is another example of global impact. Pollution has been a problem to man for many years. It is the process by which harmful substances are added to the environment. As human population increases and as society becomes more industrialized and urbanized, the problem of pollution has become more serious. Many of the products of modern technology are toxic. These toxic wastes find their way into the air and water, threatening lives of organisms in the ecosystem. ...read more.


Iceberg may melt, releasing a lot of water into the oceans. The sea level may rise and many low-lying countries may be flooded or submerged. Chlorofluorocarbons are non-toxic, unreactive chemicals. They are used as aerosol propellants, as cooling agents in refrigerators and air - conditioners and in foam packing. Ozone is a gas that forms a layer over the earth. It absorbs much of the ultraviolet rays from the sunlight. When CFC's are released into the atmosphere from aerosols, etc, they break down the ozone layer, allowing more ultraviolet light to penetrate into the earth. This increases the risk of skin cancer. There are many ways of reducing air pollution. While pollutants from natural causes e.g. from volcanic eruptions cannot be avoided, those from human activities can be prevented or reduced. The following are some ways by which air pollution can be reduced: Use of catalytic converter in cars, less use of cars e.g. having car pools, use filters or scrubbers on chimney to remove sulphur dioxide, use of non- fossil fuels in factories or less use of fossil fuels especially near more densely populated areas, use of alkalis to neutralize acidic waste products from factories before they are released to the environment and use ozone- friendly products to prevent ozone depletion. ...read more.

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