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Census data AS geography

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Census data The census data will enable me to monitor the village over a ten year period and see if the population and number of people rises/falls/stays constant etc over that time period. As my data is comparing 1991 to 2001 then I will be able to see if the village has been growing or declining in the near past. This will help me to gauge if the village is likely to be either growing/declining/ staying constant when I go to collect my data. If it has been growing then this is a good indicator that the economy is doing well. If the economy is doing well then the chances are that tourism is doing well in the village as the village is very much geared towards tourism. If it is declining and I go there and find that tourism isn't doing well then I will know that without tourism Port Eynon will decline. But if it had been growing and there isn't much tourism active in the village then I will be able to tell that Port Eynon isn't that dependent on tourism and wouldn't be likely to decline if tourism left the village. Questionnaire This will allow me to see what the people who are in Port Eynon think about the village, its state and how things are going economically along with other factors related to tourism (e.g. ...read more.


If the potential of most or all of the sites in Port Eynon is quite poor then they aren't going to be able to be exploited for the benefit for tourists and therefore the economy then this could lead to a decline in the economy of the village. Land use survey If I surveyed the land and its uses within Port Eynon and found out that there was mainly things such as caravan parks and other amenities that were geared towards tourists then I would be able to deduce that the village of port Eynon was quite dependent upon tourism for its economic well being because if it wasn't then it would have so much of its land dedicated to this industry. On the other hand if I went here and found that many factories etc then it would be unlikely that the village was very dependent on tourism because tourists wouldn't like to be near factories and the local economy would need to develop tourism as its main form of economic income as it would have heavy industry to support itself. Also if I went here and recorded that most of the land was derelict then this would suggest that the village was already in decline, I could then look for indicators of what the village had depend upon for its income and then decide if tourism left the village if it would decline further. ...read more.


would mean that Port Eynon could be in decline if further economic activity was to cease, also you could find out how such economic growth or decline had affected the village on a more personal level, e.g. if say a shop closed and then 5 people lost their jobs say this could be noted as this would be unlikely information to be found elsewhere. Interview with a tourist An interview with a tourist could be useful data for my investigation as it could provide me with the information of why tourists come to the village and if they return after their fist stay or if they never return. This would be useful to know as this could be useful to determine if people keep coming back to Port Eynon because this could be what sustains the village's economy, people returning and not just as a one off visit as is common with many places around the world (e.g. and African safari, which is normally and once in a lifetime holiday). This would mean that if people continually return to Port Eynon then it is likely that the economy is growing and the village might invest more into the industry. However if tourism left the village this could be disastrous if all of its development is geared towards tourism, which most of it is, then it would be likely that the village would fall into decline shortly afterwards. ...read more.

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