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Why there is a need for world development?

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Development The Definition for development is "an act of improving by expanding or enlarging or reefing." There are different countries at different stages of development. This could be because of many reasons such as resource distribution and consumption, soil quality, climate, natural disasters or even just poverty. The most famous pattern in development is the north-south divide. This basically separates the rich developed world from the poor developing world as it splits the globe into two main parts. The "North," is regarded as being North America, Europe, Russia, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. These countries within this area are generally more economically developed. The "South," being the remainder of the hemisphere. The 3 main classifications The world can be classified into three main areas: the first world, the second world and the third world. These 3 terms did not arise simultaneously. After the world war 2, people began to speak of the "NATO" and "Warsaw Pact" countries as the 2 major blocs, and often described them as the "Western Bloc" and the "Eastern Bloc". Soon it became clear that there were many countries that dint fit into either of these categories and so they began to be called first world, second world and third world countries. ...read more.


Rich people feel they don't need to help the poor and because of this, the world today is in this state. The other cause for poverty is health and old age. If your health is very weak and you're still forced to pay your bills then your health can deteriorate largely. People who are elderly in poor countries are forced to carry heavy sacks of food to where they are told and this is just so they can earn money for themselves to eat. Effects of poverty There are many effects of poverty in this world. One of these effects is crime as poverty results in crime. When people are poor they have no money and often see crime as their easy way to earn money. This leads to problems in the society and can also lead to family disruption and cause further troubles. Another effect of poverty is illness. When a person is poor he often suffers more than rich people, mentally and physically. The person tends to believe there is no point in living, and could try to commit suicide. This is how a person suffers mentally. When person suffers physically, they have no money to treat their illness and often feel worse than before. ...read more.


This type of aid is one country to another. An example would be Britain giving money and sending experts to help build a dam in turkey. Multilateral means "many sides". Here organizations that involve many countries give help. This aid is run by groups such as the world health organization (WHO) and United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization (UNESCO). NGO's are Non Government Organizations. This is any non profit voluntary citizens group whish is organised on a local, national or international level. All these aids could one day change the lives of people around the world. Conclusion Poverty is a major aspect of religion and wealth. The world is classed in many different ways and one of these is the MEDC's and LEDC's. The LEDC's are affected in many ways such as natural disasters, wars, no family planning, debts and poverty. This is mainly because these countries have little education, little wealth, discrimination and other situations. The effect of this is crime, illness, alcoholism, death/bad health and no education. We can deal with this by providing basic needs to the poor such as, water, education, health, home shelter, work and food. We can also help these countries by sorting out family planning, debt reduction, paying international tax, providing trade and giving id. All these things can help the third world/LEDC's develop much faster and help give brighter future for the poor. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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