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I Remember When...

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I Remember When... Daisy Donald 10F It was the first weekend in September. The summer holidays were over, and the schools had started back. I was on the beach for the first time after a long week at work. As Stratton was such a small Cornish town, there were very few people on the beach. My next-door neighbour and drinking partner, Hamish Pengelly was just leaving the beach after walking his dog, Graham Smith; the new owner of Stratton Manor was on the beach watching his son, Charlie, playing in a rubber dingy in the water. Also, Samantha Creeme, the mechanic for the nearest town, Bude, was on lifeguard duty. It was one of those pleasant days where it was warm, but quite windy. It had become slightly windier as the day approached mid afternoon, but it was bearable. I sat at the edge of the beach in my fleece reading a Dorothy Dunnet novel. I probably would have stayed in this position for the rest of the day, if it weren't for a faint shriek I could hear coming from the distance. ...read more.


I spotted a small wooden boat on the opposite side of the beach. I called to Graham and pointed at it. We both ran to it as fast as we could. As began to drag it down to the waters edge. Just as we reached the shore, I realised that we would need something to paddle, as there were no oars with the boat. Seeing as it was late summer, there had been many thunderstorms and luckily, large pieces of driftwood had been swept up onto shore. I tried to shout my idea to Graham, but I had to fight against the winds that were blowing in the wrong Daisy Donald 10F direction. I eventually had to get up very close to him, until he could properly hear me. I ran around looking for a suitable piece of wood. I knew exactly what I was looking for. In my youth, I used to use large, thin, wide planks of wood, usually that had come from a side of a ship, and use them as ours for boats. ...read more.


By this time, there was little room in the small wooden boat, and we all knew that all four of us would not be able to fit into it. Samantha insisted that she would be able to paddle back on her surfboard, as she was specially trained for this type of a situation. The paddle back was much more strenuous than the paddle there, as this time we had to fight against the current. But something, I don't know what, probably adrenalin, kept us moving on. It felt as though my arms were going to fall off, but all the time, I kept thinking to myself, 'You have to keep moving on. Lives are at steak here.' We finally reached the shore. Somebody must have seen what was going on, as when we reached the waters edge, a towel was immediately wrapped around each of us, and we were all taken off to an ambulance. I looked back from the top of the beach, as I remembered that Samantha must have still been fighting her way back against the waves. But, she was nowhere to be seen. ...read more.

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