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If bed load size decreases downstream with distance downstream.

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Avery Hill GCSE Unit 2: Water, Landforms And People Introduction (draft) The main idea of my investigation is to study if bed load size decreases downstream with distance downstream. I will be studying 3 areas of the River Usk. The River Usk is 5.5 km long but my investigation will only study 2km of the river. The river begins with many meanders but further downstream it straightens out and then meanders again. ...read more.


If the river basin is used for investigation as the discharge level can be studied better as we could enlighten whether discharge was more or less nearer tributaries. Discharge is the amount of water, which is added from tributaries, which makes the water energy faster. Further downstream more sources (tributaries) will add to the river. The river will get faster and attrition will occur which causes the bed load to become smaller and rounder. ...read more.


Big lumps like boulders and pebbles are bounced along the bed of the river in a process called saltration. One small slit sized particles are suspended in the flow they continue to move downstream until the turbulence of the water is reduced. Then they settle back to the bottom of the channel. This is why I believe that discharge is less downstream as more pebbles move down the bed load and build up on the bed load causing more friction making the discharge slower. ...read more.

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