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In the book "The Population Bomb" (Literary Digest written in1932) by Paul Ehrlich written in 1968 he states that he prefers the environment over man-kind, to make a balance between the population, the environment and the carrying

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Paul Ehrlich's Time Bomb - In the book "The Population Bomb" (Literary Digest written in1932) by Paul Ehrlich written in 1968 he states that he prefers the environment over man-kind, to make a balance between the population, the environment and the carrying capacity through population control: "one billion is the number of humans that Ehrlich says he would find acceptable". He also made predictions about what the world would undergo by 1970. He predicted that the world would go through serious famine and that hundreds of millions of people would have starved to death since there was not going to be enough food to feed them. But he suggested that the answer to fight against this was very simple: to have population control. He also argued that population control had to begin at home and then push other countries to make the same thing so that the whole world finally combine each other to create the proper balance with population control: "We must have population control at home...We must use our political power to push other countries into programs which combine agricultural development and population control. " Through the writing of this book he is creating consciousness in people to decrease as possible the birth rates in the world. ...read more.


On the other hand, Ehrlich believes that populations should be stopped from increasing more, since later on in time this will become a bigger problem. Ehrlich's ideas nowadays are not that useful, but maybe that his hypothesis and ideologies come true one day or the world takes the path that he suggests and by the writing of his famous book, he stops the world from dying of starvation and famine. One criticism to his ideas is that he does not take into account the development of the countries in terms of political, social, and technological, because the ideas may not apply for the USA but they do for Bangladesh, so his points are very generally done. - What Happened to Catastrophic Predictions Made By Radical Environmentalists? Between the decades of 1960 and 1970, the industry of "cottage" which it had emerged from books with predictions of catastrophes that could occur because of population growth. Twenty years later, by 1990's, these books were proven to have wrong predictions in them, and that they had also exaggerated the view of the consequences of an increasing population. This piece of work makes a very hard judgment for Paul Ehrlich since he is shown to be as a liar because his predictions had not occurred. ...read more.


Because of this, pregnancies are less attractive to the population and therefore as explained above, birth rates and growth rates would decrease. Ehrlich suggested another way of decreasing birth rates and growth rates implementing what were called "luxury taxes" for baby accessories. This meant that the normal price of the baby's accessories will be charged higher than normal; reducing the possibility of a couple to have babies or decrease the number they were expecting to have. At the same time, "responsibility prizes" as suggested by Ehrlich, would be awarded to those people; men and women who practice abstinence. For example: a couple that has been child-less for 3 years and their husbands were committed to practice a vasectomy, were awarded prizes. Ehrlich also came up with a very harsh and un-human solution. He suggested that any food aid from richer countries to poorer countries should be banned. In this way, the population starves and encourages having less people because food is insufficient for everybody. Many people such as Ehrlich make the "problem" public, such as the population bomb to create awareness and concern in people and the government. They believe that the problems are taking place now, and not in the future. They want attention and fame from the rest of people. However, most researches have been proven to be incorrect and therefore, did not achieve their goal to attract attention. ...read more.

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