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In this essay I am going to describe the reasons for and the problems caused by migration from Mexico to the U.S.A.

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Geography essay In this essay I am going to describe the reasons for and the problems caused by migration from Mexico to the U.S.A. migration is the permanent of a group of people or individuals from one point in space to another. It can be permanent or temporary, forced or voluntary, internal or external. The number of migrants has doubled since the 1960's with 75 million international migrants in 1960 + 191 million international migrants in 2005. The source nation in this case in Mexico as this is where the migrants migrate from. And the host nation in which the migrants migrate to is the U.S.A. Host countries can benefit from migration as many migrants fill the gaps in the labour market as the migrants are prepared to do work that others will not, plus they are prepared to work for less money. Going back to the different types of migration, Forced migration occurs when migrants have no choice but to move from an area due to the fact of a natural Disasters, Economic, religious or social impositions. Voluntary migration is when migrants move by choice, as a means of improving their quality of life. ...read more.


The pull physical factors which are drastically pulling people to the USA are the scenic quality which the USA has to offer. Economic push factors are the huge rate of unemployment (40%)which is occurring on a massive scale leads to many people out of jobs and as a result they are unable to cater for there family and necessities. The increasing rate of poverty is also another key factor as people are unable to work an so it leads to more poverty occurring in such countries. The pull factors which the USA is offering is such high standards of living to what they are used to drives many people to the USA and they can live a more better way of life as they are now able to afford it from there higher income. Social cultural push factors are the fact that there Is housing shortage in Mexico and so many are forced to go because of that. Also they might be bereaving for family as they may have lost them in natural disasters or because of the fact that the life expectancy in Mexico is only 72 years. Poor services and amenities is also another key factor as there is little that Mexico has to offer in ways of amenities. ...read more.


at night , Wearing light clothing - "heavy clothing becomes heavier when wet, and this makes swimming or floating difficult" ,Adding salt to fresh water to avoid dehydration and Walking during times of low heat. The government says, "The guide clearly states that the safe and appropriate way to enter any country is with a valid passport and a visa, and in no way promotes undocumented immigration," In summary, migration from Mexico to the United States has accelerated rapidly to the point where about nine percent of the population born in Mexico is now living in the United States. While a large majority (around 80 percent) of all newly arrived immigrants from Mexico are undocumented, only about half of all Mexicans in the United States are undocumented. And while average annual flows from Mexico since 2000 are slightly smaller than in the late 1990s, they remain large and above the levels of the early 1990s. More importantly, immigration from Mexico shows no sign of dropping significantly in the near future, even in the face of post-September 11 security measures and a weakening economy. This continued migration is facilitated by the geographic dispersal of the flow within the United States as more economic niches become available to the newly arriving migrants. ...read more.

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