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Information technology and National development

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Information technology and National development 1. COMMUNICATION IT plays a fundamental role in the communication sector For instance, communication is being availed at a cheaper cost , convenience , and above all at a faster rate .The global network of computers, called the internet , which is an aspect of IT plays a very vital role in the communication sector. Its benefits include: 1. Internet enables conferences to be held irrespective of the distance between the parties involved. 2. Internet enables the exchange of textual messages at a faster rate between the parties involved irrespective of the distance. IT plays a very fundamental role in the communication sector. For instance, communication is being availed at a cheaper cost. 3. Internet through E-mailing, enables transfers of information at a faster rate and at a cheaper cost as compared to the traditional postal mail. 4. Internet also enables one to discover more information through browsing it. 5. Internet, furthermore, avails news about sports, games, politics, health, through relevant websites. ...read more.


5. EDUCATION The use of virtual IT systems avails education materials anywhere on the globe and this serves to enhance e-learning. In addition to this, the Internet on the other hand, enables virtual learning to be possible where distance forms a barrier as students meet their lecturers in their e-classrooms. The availability of IS in various education departments for storing relevant documents enables Easier access to them in addition to their safe storage. These together leads to the development of the education sector, which further leads to the growth and development of the economy. N/B education is the backbone of the economy. 6. ARTS, CULTURE AND TOURISM IT plays a vital role in the growth and development of culture and tourism industry. For instance, telebroadcasting of cultures of different ethnic groups enables a broad display of these cultures and this leads to their sustainability and development. This further leads to the boosting of the tourism industry as culture and arts are one of the tourist attractions. Netsurfing also serves to promote tourism as one can traverse across the continent using a single computer. ...read more.


For instance, information of the outbreak of a given disease enables the stakeholders to take necessary measures to curb the pandemic. Also various health records easily kept in various IS , and this increases efficiency and above all easier access to such information when required. 10. PROVISION OF EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES IT provides a broad spectrum that offers a wide range of employment opportunities for both the skilled and the unskilled. This contributes to the national economy through pay of taxes and also duty for the export of IT products. For instance, in the formal sector, various people are employed in the management of IS and also the manufacture of IT products. CONCLUTION From the above points, it is deduced that It plays a crucial role towards the survival and the growth of the economy. Every sector of the economy (Health, Agriculture, Transport, Education, Finance, Tourism and communication,) is averred to grow and develop due to IT. This calls for the establishment of policies and strategies in order to realize economic growth and development. It is my sincere hope that this report is going to supplement the knowledge that is going to incorporated especially in the effecting of the strategies. . ...read more.

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