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International Migration from the United Kingdom to Australia.

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International Migration from the United Kingdom to Australia Over the past decade, migrating to Australia has become more common amongst families in the UK. It is no surprise when you compare the climate and way of life in Australia, that it is becoming such a popular place to migrate to. However, it is not easy to migrate to Australia and often it can take years to gain a visa permit. Places such as Darwin are battling to contain an increasing number of illegal immigrants and over the past 6 months more than 2,000 would-be-settlers shipped mainly from Asia and the Middle East, by smugglers and then dumped on Australians remote northern coastlines. Also, it is thought that around 50,000 other foreigners are working illegally in Australia after overstaying their visas. With so many immigrants, it is hardly surprising that Australia is desperately trying to figure out how large a population it needs to sustain its buoyant economic growth and high quality life in the next century and why it is often hard to become an Australian citizen. At the end of World War Two, Australia's population was just 7 million. ...read more.


So why do people from the UK migrate to Australia? There are many reasons such as the climate, long sandy beaches, outdoor lifestyle, better health and diet, and the great outdoors which attract people to Australia. The lifestyle is also more informal and relaxed - less of a rat race than say London. The cost of living is much cheaper in Australia than in the UK. The price of housing is so different with the average property price for a 4 bedroom house in Australia (with 3 bedroom and its own swimming pool) being �100,000, depending on which city you settle in, whereas South East England, the average is around �250,000 (that's one and a half times more). Many migrants from the UK find that some of the best things in life are free; you spend so much more leisure time outdoors, maybe surfing or at the beach whereas in the UK, we tend to do more indoor activities such as eating out or going to the cinema or theatre which can be expensive. In Australia eating out is a very common thing and it is not regarded as a treat as the food is such good quality and so cheap. ...read more.


Immigration to Australia has affected its economy immensely. Reasons for this include 1.) migrants' own spending (food, housing and leisure activities); 2.) business expansion (investment to produce extra goods and services); 3.) expansion of government services (health, education and welfare). It also affects the supply side of the economy - 1.) Labour, skills and money introduced into Australia 2.)new businesses developed by migrants; 3.)migrant contributions to technology; 4.)adding productive diversity through knowledge of international business markets. 5.)Migrants pay taxes too, and receive benefits and goods and services from, government. Research shows that, overall, migrants contribute more in taxes than they consume in benefits and goods and services. As a result migrants generate surpluses for government. Currently, Australia's population is ageing. However, the average immigrant on arrival is about five years younger than the average Australian, slowing down the ageing of the population. Overall, I feel that Australia has benefited from the influx of immigrants, and I can see how it is such a popular place to wish to migrate to, but why Australia has to set such hard criteria for gaining citizenships. By Charlotte Rolfe 12ERO ...read more.

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