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Investigate and compare the development of tourism in two contrasting locations, showing the impacts of tourism on the physical environment and on the local community in the two locations.

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GCSE TRAVEL & TOURISM COURSEWO Task: Investigate and compare the development of tourism in two contrasting locations, showing the impacts of tourism on the physical environment and on the local community in the two locations. CONTENTS Introduction -------------------------------------------------------------------------page 3 Gambia ------------------------------------------------------------------------------page 4-7 Masai Mara--------------------------------------------------------------------------page 8-11 Bibliography------------------------------------------------------------------------page 12 Introduction The two locations I have chosen are the Gambia and the Masai Mara. Both are situated in the continent of Africa. The reason I have chosen these two places is that I think they are very contrasting in the sense that one is a coastal resort and one is an inland resort, yes they are both in a developing country, but they are contrasting to an extent. And in this coursework I will show you how contrasting they are. There are many issues which have been discussed about how the tourism in general has developed and some of them are: - * How much employment is created * How much money goes into the country * Also the impact on culture such as art and craft * Dress * Cuisine * Language * And religion There are many advantages to the development in tourism but at the same time there are negative point as well; countries like Gambia rely heavily on tourism as a money earner into the country. Some of the negative point tourism brings to such countries are: - * Noise * Litter * Energy and water consumptions * And congestion. ...read more.


There are a variety of jobs available in the tourism industry, some of which are working in hotels, restaurants, bars and club which are known to be direct jobs, in the sense that it I directly related to tourists. And there are indirect jobs, which include, farmers who sell their foods to the restaurants and the art & craft people who provide the shops with souvenirs. Several people in Gambia make their living out of selling good to the tourist, souvenirs, arts and crafts and jewelry. Many a time the Gambian craftsman, may make untraditional art but which suite the tourists' taste, for example wall hanging are very popular for many Europeans. A worry about the souvenir trade is that the damage that can come to the cultural and religious side, this can happens when tourist buy something sacred because it looks good. Even a tourist to a religious building can cause grief due to inappropriate behavior, or unacceptable dress. Masai Mara Map of the Masai Mara: source taken from http://www.masai-mara.com/mmvm.htm Masai Mara Wildlife Sanctuary is situated southwest in Kenya. The country is known as a frequently visited tourist destination for its wildlife, pleasant climate, and beautiful scenery. The Masai Mara covers an area of over 1500 km2. It is Kenya's finest wildlife sanctuary, with wild beast, elephants, zebra and Kenya's largest lion population among others. Beautiful Scenery of the Masai Mara: source taken from http://www.go2africa.com/kenya/masai-mara/masai-mara-national-reserve/ Many people visiting the Masai go there to see the animals in their natural and open environment. ...read more.


Due to that younger adults may have children of their own and children like playing round in water and swimming. When you are old, you do not have that much to worry about due to if you have kids then they'll be married or at university, and due to that you have more time on your hands to go visiting the world and seeing what you want to see. An older adult would prefer to go to see a safari, learn about the culture and learn about the tradition of a certain place rather than go on a holiday to purely enjoy. is th The similarities that the Mara and the Gambia have I would say at firstly they are both in Africa and that they are both in developing countries. The cultural impacts on the two locations I would say are similar to a certain extent because they both have such rich cultures and traditions. The biggest similarity I would think these two locations have is that they both rely heavily on tourism as their main source of income into the country/region. As a personal note if I had a choice to go to any one of these location I would go to the Masai Mara, after finding out so much about the place, which I never knew before, the Masai Mara has caught my eye. And I do hopefully intend on visiting the Masai Mara some time in the near future, experience the pleasure of being able to see such beautiful animal in their natural habitat. ...read more.

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