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Investigate the disappearance of Mr & Mrs Endo during the 1995 Kobe earthquake on January 17th and how this earthquake happened.

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What happened to Mr & Mrs Endo In this enquiry I am going to investigate the disappearance of Mr & Mrs Endo in the 1995 Kobe earthquake on January 17^th and how this earthquake happened. I hope to find all the information I need at Kobe when I arrive there. I also hope to achieve great success at trying to discover why so many people died in this life taking, heartbreaking earthquake and to make recommendations as to how this sort of disaster can be avoided in the future. This is a map of Japan. Kobe is a port on the main island Honshu in south central Japan. The port is made out of reclaimed land. [image003.jpg] [image004.jpg] Japan! [image005.gif] Text Box: This is a map of the world and as you can see Japan is located by the red arrow in the Southern Hemisphere. ...read more.


The rocks at the plate boundary snagged and energy was built up. Eventually on the day of the earthquake the rocks unsnagged and the two plates broke free, releasing the energy out from the focus to the epicentre and many people died. It lasted for 20 seconds on land. It lasted a 2 whole minutes on the reclaimed land which is where the famous port was built. The epicentre of the earthquake was 20 km SW from Kobe at the Awaji Island. The Earthquake measured 7.5 on the Richter scale. Effects on People: 5,500 people died in the earthquake mainly because most of the population was asleep. 35,000 people were injured and 300,000 people were made homeless after this devastating event. Effects on Communications and Transport: The Kobe port was badly damaged. 550m of the Hanshin Expressway twisted and collapsed, three quarters of the city water supply was lost so the Kobe fire stations had problems putting out the fires, 300 ...read more.


The house was built before the 1960's so it wouldn't be able to withstand an earthquake. The residents of Mr and Mrs Endo would not have been ale to help her because they live in the older residential part of Kobe called Nishinomiya so most people who lived there were old. I know this because her husband Mr Endo couldn't help her because he went to visit his son Kazuo on the evening of January 16^th and spent the night there. Mr Endo and his son Kazuo didn't die because his son lived in a new apartment block in central Kobe. New apartment blocks had computer programs in to adjust to the shaking of earthquakes. I believe Mr Endo and his son Kazuo are still alive and are living somewhere in Japan because Kazuo's new apartment block and the technology saved their lives. I believe that Mrs Endo suffered a terrifying death and that her family will always remember her. ...read more.

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