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Investigating the CBD

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Introduction Towns provide for the surrounding population a mixture of goods and services for the consumer (people). A large town fits into the urban hierarchy above a small town and below a mega city. The services provided in a town or any other urban settlements are based apon the threshold population (this is the minimum number of people required to support the service so it remains profitable. In the UK the number of people required to open and keep a shop open are the following: For a village shop it needs 300 people who live in the area. For a large store it needs 100,000 people who live in the area the larger the settlement, the more services are needed to provide for the population. This is called the range. FIG 1. shows the hierarchy based upon the services. FIG 1. Major shopping centre. Several central covered centre Several edge of city centres. One covered area in city centre many shopping streets. Several edge of city centres. Eg. Cheltenham Several shopping streets, one or two edge of city centres. One main shopping street and market One village shop None A town is usually split up into many land uses ex. ...read more.


My title is: How do the following factors vary with the distance from the centre of Cheltenham and why? 1. Pedestrian flow 2. Shop type 3. Quality of environment I will investigate my title through the following aims: 1. Establish the centre of the town 2. Establish the number and distribution of shop types within the CBD 3. Establish the pedestrian flow in different parts of the CBD 4. Establish the shopping quality and street appearance in different parts of the CBD Methodology I collected primary and secondary data to investigate the shopping patterns in Cheltenham town centre Action plan Data Collected When Where Why Pedestrian Flow observation + table Photos Monday 30th April Half- term week The study area of my project (15 Points) See map To find out where the greatest number of people shop, to see if correlation occurs between any other data. Centre of Town Observation Photos Maps Monday 30th April Half -term week Half -term week The study area of my project See map To locate the centre of town Shop Type Observation Shop classification Table Tally Table Monday 30th April Monday 7th May The study area of my project See map To establish the number and distribution of shop types within the town centre. ...read more.


Clothes, shoes, antiques, furniture) C Chain store:( eg. Woolworths, M&S, Debenhams, House of Fraser, John Lewis, Boots) D Financial services:(eg. Banks, Building societies) E Other services:(eg. Dry cleaner, estate agents, opticians, caf�) X The rest: Shops & services that do not fit into the above classification, including empty slots. Shopping Environment To record the shopping environment I went to the 15 different points (see map) I looked at the shop apperance which means what was the shop windows display good or bad was the cleanliness of the building was good or bad and I gave that a score from 1-3. Then I did Street cleanliness at the 15 points this involves looking at the street and see if there is much rubbish or not. Lastly I did the Street apperance at the 15 points this involves seeing if there is flowers, benches, street entertainment and generally a good looking area. I recorded this ason FIG 5. The reason for me collecting this data was so that I can see were the best kept areas are and the worst kept areas are and the to see comparisons between the other results eg. Was the greates Points 1 2 3 4 5 6 Shop Quality t number of pedestrians walking throw the best shopping environment. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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