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Investigations in to Natural disasters - Earthquakes.

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Natural Disaster Assignment - INVESTIGATION The first of the earthquakes in Afghanistan occurred in the evening of Monday 26 March 2002. This earthquake struck on the Hindu Kush Mountains; these mountains were struck by earthquakes in 1998. These mountain ranges are particulalary prone to earthquakes as it is located in the middle of the Eurasian and the Indian plates which are smashing into each other each year at a rate of about 4.3 centimetres. The second quake hit Nahrin Tuesday morning. By then up to 2,000 people had been killed, thousands more injured and up to 30,00 homeless. The first quake registered 6.2 and the second quake on Tuesday registered 5.7 on the richter scale. ...read more.


Also, as Afghanistan is in the middle of a war, most of the Government's money is being put towards weapons and arsenal and being in a drought means no water for cement for re-building Nahrin.. In the future, the people of Nahrin and Afghanistan should think about putting barriers around thw Hindu Ksh mountains, or maybe taking of huge chunks of the mountains and using the big rocks to built houses, buildings and schools; rebuilding Nahrin and making the Hindu Kush mountains a lot smaller and less dangerous. INVESTIGATION 2 - THE TANGSHAN EARTHQUAKE In the early hours of July 28, 1976 , an earthquake of magnitude 8.2 struck near the east coast of China. ...read more.


Almost everyone in the city was asleep, and many people were probably crushed to death without even waking up. The quake knocked out power through the city, making rescue efforts by residents of the city impossible in the dark. A smaller number of people were trapped in nearby coal mines. Many were rescued, but not until hours or days later. AFGHAN EARTHQUAKE TANGSHAN EARTHQUAKE RICHTER SCALE 6.7 8.2 NUMBERS INJURED Up to 4,000 5,000 NUMBERS DEAD 2,000 250,000 A lot of these earthquakes are occuring in mountainous countries sich as Afghanistan, China and Japan, this is because of the plate tectonics and their movement, and also because the mountains are in between plates so when the plates crash into each other an earthquake occurs and a lot of the mountain crumbles off and injures people. ...read more.

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