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Is Dawlish Warren is threaten by human impacts and marine processes.

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GCSE GEOGRAPHY COURSEWORK IS DAWLISH WARREN UNDER THREAT? My investigation aims to find out if Dawlish Warren is threaten by human impacts and marine processes and are these affecting the ecological and economical value of Dawlish Warren. I will put to test Butlers Model and see if it applies to Dawlish Warren. I will also look at the other side of the argument and see the effect of management in Dawlish Warren and look at the sea defences which have been put in place to prevent erosion and longshore drift from occurring and also protecting the Railway line. The question that needs to be asked is, should local councils protect the coast, or leave it to nature? And how does protection affect the people the environment and the future of Dawlish Warren? I will observe the laws, which have been enforced to ensure the nature of the reserve is protected and the ecological and economical value of Dawlish Warren is looked after. Fig A shows where my investigation is based Dawlish warren incorporates a fantastic amenity- a nature reserve that covers 204 hectares or 505 acres. It is essentially a mile-and a half length of sand spit, extending around the mouth of the River Exe and positively teeming with flora and fauna, so much that not only has it been designated local nature reserve since 1978 but it is also an international one as well. Nature reserves are not just for wildlife but they are also places for people to experience the wildlife and give people the chance to study and learn about them or to enjoy them and the contact they provide with nature. The reserve is home to 600 different types of flowering plants as well as an array of wading birds, ducks and geese with as many as 30 different species at any one time, with 180 different bird species recorded every year and 2,000 species of in invertebrae including dragon flies. ...read more.


Corrosion which is solution caused by the chemical effect of salts or acids in the seawater. Weak acids dissolve rocks, which contain calcium carbonate such as limestone or chalk. Salts form on all rocks facing the salt dries on the surface it weakens rocks already under attack from wave energy. Cliff face processes include weathering, wind action and movement of rocks on the face of the cliff. Together these are known as sub aerial processes. Weathering disintegrates and causes the decay of rocks at the earth's surface such as by the action of frost, or by solution and corrosion, described above. Mass movement is the movement of rock material down slope, such as cliff collapse, or landslides, which often follows periods of heavy rain. All of these processes act against Langstone Rock and put it under threat this is evident in fig H. The reserve is part owned by Devon Wildlife Trust and Part owned by Teignbridge Council and it is the latter part that is open to the public. They both work individually, Teignbridge leisure and tourism council can do whatever they want on their side of the warren as long as it does not affect the Nature Reserve. If any problems do arise a compromise will be made in order to accommodate both parties. The Tourism side is very popular there is a beautiful beach the sea and the amusements bring a great deal of wealth and prosperity to Dawlish Warren. On a hot summers day 20,000 people will come to the beach. In fig B it shows that the main reason why people come to Dawlish Warren is because of the beach. Children can play on the long sandy beach that is lifeguard patrolled during the summer season. There are also amusement arcades offering kiddies rides and for the more senior members of the family gambling machines are in plentiful supply.One can try their driving skills on Dawlish Warren's Grand Prix Go-Karts, with computerised lap scoring and electronic scoreboards. ...read more.


A sea wall at the southern end of the spit protects the railway from falling to it the sea. The chalk cliffs are being battered by corrasion and are forming caves and stacks which weaken the cliff and it eventually falls down. A breakwater reduces the energy from the waves and ensures less energy hitting the cliffs therefore less erosion. A wave-cut platform is visible at low tide, that much of the cliffs have been eroded already. Rock armour was used to protect the coast just before the spit and this is quite cheap compared to the groynes that they have also used. The groynes have been used at the part of the spit more likely to wash away due to long shore drift and even the wind blowing the sand inland. The beach reduced the energy taken out by the waves. This is beneficial for the nature reserves and the wildlife that need to be preserved in the spit. However after a while all of the means of coastal protection at Dawlish Warren will need to be replaced because of the effect of nature will reduce them to smithereens. Human impacts people it is affecting sea defences Teignbridge city council does a lot to help tourism in the area; a few ways it helps are listed below: � Directly funds three and assists five additional Tourist Information Centres (TIC'S), � Produces and distributes 80,000 copies of the South Devon Destination Guide, � Undertakes a national advertising campaign to promote the Guide, � Distributes the South Devon Destination Guide to TICs across the UK and to individual enquirers, � Funds and maintains the area's tourism website, � Has produced a district tourism strategy, hypothesis. � Works closely with tourism businesses, associations and other destinations to encourage tourism to grow, � Secures grants and additional funds for new tourism activities, � Funds market research to keep up-to-date with tourism trends, � Provides advice and support to local businesses, � Participates in several marketing partnerships with tourism businesses and councils. 1 ...read more.

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