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Is Immigration Beneficial to the UK?

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Immigration Essay Is immigration beneficial to the UK? This is one of the most important questions to ask about our ever changing society. Although, from my perspective, it isn't just one question, it is many. Do we need to strain our traditionalist society by inviting lots of new cultures? Does this country need to be turned into a breeding ground for terrorism and extremism? Does the British taxpayer need to fund the needs of families abroad, all because the outcome of a foreign education system claims our benefits and then sends them home? Can this society benefit from a large influx of immigrants entering our already cramped little island, when they refuse to integrate with that very society by living in their own secluded Polish speaking or Muslim communities? My answer is no. In this essay I will seek to express my personal opinion on a number of critical and sometimes controversial subjects. I have chosen to discuss what I believe are the most important topics on immigration today. My main concern for the country is the destruction of the British society. Our survival as British people with British ideals is at stake. Mass immigration is changing this country beyond recognition, and we have to realise that there will be no going back. ...read more.


If these immigrants move to our communities, the communities will decay. On the other hand, in my opinion it would be disastrous to society if the immigrants lived in their own secluded communities. Being surrounded by members of your own religion, speakers of your own language, and people with the same culture would make you reluctant to integrate with the majority. My view is if you want to live amongst your own kind, stay in your own country. My second reason for objection to immigration is the economy. Almost 9 in 10 new jobs created over the past decade have been taken by foreign born workers. Of the 1.7 million more people in employment since 1997, 1.5 million of them are foreign born. Experts say we are currently in recession. The number of unemployed people has reached almost 2 million. This means that immigrants arriving over the next few years will discover that they won't be able to find a job, and then they will claim benefits. This will place an enormous strain on the British taxpayer as taxes will increase, but people won't have the money to pay them. It is the start of an unpleasant circle. A left-leaning think tank has said that, "hundreds and thousands of immigrants are a drain on Britain's economy," and that, "the highest level of benefit dependency was amongst immigrants from the developing world, with the top 4 claimers being Bangladeshi, Somali, Turkish and Pakistani." ...read more.


I would much rather come home after a hard day to a lovely bit of roast beef with gravy, roast potatoes and some vegetables, than to some chicken smothered in a spicy sauce. Why? Because I like my own culture. And liberal, 'do what you want' types don't realise that they are part of the annihilation of that culture. To sum up in a short way, immigration is not beneficial to the UK. To sum up in a longer way, I'm sure that Britain may seem like a crowd scene from a British Airways poster. I'm sure people see black, white and yellow living together in perfect harmony, but it doesn't work that way. Multi-culturalism is in my view on the same par as global warming. A myth. Black won't live next to white. Black will live next to black and white will live next to white. Far away from each other. In my view if it's going to be so that Hindus will go to a Hindi school with other Hindus and Indians will live with other Indians - in Britain - then why don't they just stay in their own country. I do not want to be branded a racist, but if immigration brings about the issues I have touched on in this essay, then no, immigration is not beneficial to the UK. ...read more.

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