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Is it the physical landscape that attracts tourists to Swanage and Studland?"

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It this enquiry I will try and answer this question "Is it the physical landscape that attracts tourists to Swanage and Studland?" We visited two locations one was Swanage and the other was Studland. Swanage is in the south of England, its population is around 9,000, Swanage is surrounded by the purbeck hills to the north and south, Corfe valley is to the west and Swanage bay to the east. Within the town there is a lot of open space over 100 acres, there is a railway many pubs and restraints and a theatre. Swanage beach is around a mile long and is stopped by the island of purbeck; the cliffs are 300 feet high. The number of tourists that can be accommodated in a season is 240,500, a season is 26 weeks between April and October and the number of day visitors is around 864,000 in a season. Studland is an the south of England, the beach is around 4 miles long it starts from south haven point through shell bay and around pilots point. This area is extremely important as it is home to many rare species of plants, animals, birds and insects. Studland has both types of dunes (mobile and static), the front ridge is mobile and behind is the static, and there are a number of ponds with the area Studland Swanage Studland Swanage Old Harry In Swanage and Studland there are several geographical landforms like caves, arches and stacks, cliffs and wave cut platforms, headlands and bays and sea defenses. ...read more.


After completing the pedestrian count we walked along the high street and recorded the names of the shops, we did this because if all the shops sold low quality goods then it would not attract shoppers to Swanage. Next we asked 10 people to fill in our questionnaires, we done this to find information like where they traveled from to get here and for what reason. After we did another urban environmental evaluation matrix. Then we went back on to the beach to do two quadrats, we did this by throwing a quadrat over our back and writing the % of sand, stone and pollution, we collected this data because if the beach was polluted then it would not attract people to Swanage. After we walked along the cliffs towards Old Harry Rocks and did a field sketch of the rocks, the walked towards Studland. At Studland we do a urban environmental evaluation matrix first, the a Car park survey by south beach and the we done the pedestrian count, then we traveled to the beach and done a Beach environmental quality evaluation matrix, we walked along the beach and done the second Beach environmental quality evaluation matrix, then we done then 2 quadrats in different areas and the last urban environmental evaluation matrix by the shop. As we walked along the beach in Swanage I did an extra pedestrian count to see if there where more people visiting for the landscape or to shop I also did a pedestrian count on old Harry rocks and the beach in Studland. ...read more.


We could improve this by asking the first 10 people we see to make it more random and if we did it again that is what I would do. The results we took when we visited Swanage / Studland were relatively trust worthy but some where not, the results I took where not always reliable and some times biased as in the questionnaire we asked certain people and in the quadrats its our opinions and may not be reliable, when we visited the weather was good as it was sunny which means there would be more people out, this will mean when we do the pedestrian count the amount of people will be higher, I only visited Swanage / Studland once so the results would not have been as fair as the could have been. The climate is an important factor because if the climate is low then people might look to go abroad to seek hotter temperatures. Although if the temperature is averagely high then Swanage and Studland might attract a greater number of tourists, another factor would be if Swanage and Studland focused on advertising, this would make tourists aware of the location and would therefore attract more tourists. They could also build hotels and new facilities which would again attract more tourists. If Swanage was on a holiday program then it would attract loads of tourists. If people feel secure and safe in their jobs then the economy will be strong, people will then have more money and will be able to afford to spend more on holidays, they might be able to travel abroad, which can be cheaper if the pound is strong. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Coastal Landforms section.

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