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Is the Impact of Human Activitie On Mitcham Common Managed Effectivly?

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This is an investigation about the impact of humans on Mitcham Common and whether human activities on the common cause problems such as pollution and erosion on the common. This is also an investigation on how humans cause the problems of pollution and erosion and trying to find out ways to manage these problems effectivly in order to secure the safety of Mitcham Common in the future. ...read more.


Mitcham Common is located in the northern area ? of London and is shown on the map on figure 1.(write some history of common) The reason why I chose this topic to investigate is because I previously studied the Surrey Sandstone hills for my GCSEs geography coursework in1998 and found this type of investigation interesting and useful because I already have some knowledge on this subject and also have an idea on how to conduct this investigation and how to answer the title question of this study on Mitcham Common. ...read more.


What are the characterisics of different habitats on Mitcham Common? 3. How does the human impact effect the common? What are the positive and negative impacts? 4. How is the impact of humans on the common going to be managed? Why? Will it be effective? 5. What options can be recognised for the future of Mitcham Common? Each question has a particular meaning in order to make the study complete. ...read more.

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