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Is tourism the same the world over-an example of the contemporary global leisure industry?

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Essay Culture, Power, Language Question: Is tourism the same the world over-an example of the contemporary global leisure industry? Tourism is deemed as a contemporary leisure industry though its output may not be physically evaluated. But, it can not be denied that it makes a contribution to the GDP, plays a significant role in improving the balance of payment, and besides all its economic benefits, is an important factor in forming the country's image and in devoting to the protection of natural and cultural values. There is no simple structure for this industry as tourism is apparently different from country to country, region to region, even site to site in the same city. Thus, tourism is created on different purpose and developed toward different direction all over the world as a result of distinct characteristics in almost all dimensions of different areas. These differences are probably the motivation of people planning to travel outside their homes. Firstly, also the most obvious, is the differences caused by the geographic or natural conditions. This could be on account of climatic element, natural resources, etc. For example, The Republic of Malta, which has plenty of islands locating in the central Mediterranean Sea. It provided tourists beautiful beaches and scenic views that along with a typical Mediterranean climate.1 Secondly, which this course more concentrated, is cultural and social elements contributing to the attractiveness of a tourism industry. ...read more.


Such programmes are numerous in Europe and USA.2 Being acquaint with history and prehistory can be seen as another motivating force for traveling around the world. Almost every country has its own museum or other exhibitions for showing historical graphs or objects. Some influential museums include the National History of Anthropology at Mexico City, the American Museum of Natural History of New York City, and the branches of the British Museum in London. They preserve and exhibit some information on different field of the country they are situated and other countries as well. Other sites showing historical preservation are some national parks with a history or prehistory theme, such as Mesa Verde National Park in USA. Incidentally, a new direction in tourism over the last decades is so-called "theme parks", which are the outstanding example of artificial construction of post-modern spaces and become popular during the tour, particularly in the USA, Britain and Japan. The opening of Disneyland and the Sea World proved this phenomenon to some extent. Furthermore, religion pilgrimage is another motivation for people with different creeds and beliefs to travel through places of religious significance and houses of prominence for worship, such as the visit to Mecca where is regarded as a holy land for Muslims, as are travels to Israel, Vatican City, Lourdes, and Mexico City. ...read more.


not themselves the major determinant in the tourists' choice of destination, but have sufficient value to make tourists visit them once they have arrived in the given county". (Jenkins 1993) Finally, another type of tourism has been given great emphasis since this decade, namely, ecotourism, an environmentally responsible travel to natural areas, with the aim of "enjoying and appreciating the nature, and any accompanying cultural features (both past and present) that promotes conservation, has low negative visitor impact, and provides for beneficially active socio-economic involvement of local populations." (IUCN-now called the World Conservation Union stated in 1996)5 In conclusion, tourism is one of the leading sectors of the world economy and its role is invaluable all over the world, though every country has its own tourism strengths and weaknesses and has to make their own planning for sustainable development of tourism in respect of nature, society, culture, history, human and environment. Reference: 1. Edward Inskeep 1994 'Tourism planning approach of Malta' in National and regional tourism planning-Methodologies and Case Study, Routledge 2. Robert W. McIntosh & Charles R. Goeldner 1986 'Cultural and International Tourism for Life's Enrichment' in Tourism-Principles, Practices, Philosophies, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 3. Stephen Williams 1998 'Cultures and communities' in Tourism Geography, Routledge 4. Tourism Research --- http://www.ratztamara.com/tourism.html (all quotations and web links in parentheses) 5. Ecotourism --- UNEP main page http://www.uneptie.org/pc/tourism/ecotourism/home.htm ...read more.

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