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Jessica Sarai

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Jessica Sarai The Impact of the Past on British Columbia February Beautiful British Columbia, one hears this phrase constantly mentioned, but does anyone know why it is so beautiful? Though BC houses many people, very few know how BC got to where it is today. Not many people know that the Cariboo Wagon Road was built entirely by hand, pick and shovel. Some people may not realize that getting to the California Gold Rush was either an agonizing 2000 mile walk or a 6 month boating trip, and more than half the 'gold rushers' never even struck gold! Many people don't realize that Fort Victoria was more than just the capital of BC. There were many events that happened in the past that helped the making of British Columbia, but the three most important contributions are the Gold Rush, Fort Victoria, and the construction of the Cariboo Wagon Road. The Gold Rush that occurred from 1857-1860 had an important role in the making of what we call BC today. ...read more.


This was a good thing. Because the HBC had control, they could close down several smaller Forts and save a lot of money. This significantly aided the region economically. Another reason why Fort Victoria helped the area our economically was because of its' whaling and sealing profits. The Fort was very close to the ocean, and this closeness encouraged people to go whaling and sealing. The money from these mammals contributed to the economical growth. Fort Victoria also helped in the making of BC by providing protection for the Canadians against the British. This helped them a lot because they were well protected, the settlers could continue to peacefully live their lives, instead of constantly fighting in wars and having half of the settlements population dead. Along with great protection, Fort Victoria was in excellent trading position. The trappers and traders were constantly searching for furs to capture and Natives to trade wit/ this caused the expansion of the area. ...read more.


In short, it was a cheap supply road for those involved in the Gold Rush. Also, the Cariboo Wagon Road paved the way for other major roads and highways, as it was first commercial highway. It was truly the Cariboo Wagon Road that allowed the interior of what is now British Columbia to be populated, and allowed many people to bring services to these remote areas and to the miners that were working there. As proven by the information above, the Cariboo Wagon Road was important in the making of BC. To conclude, one can see how the Cariboo Wagon Road, Fort Victoria, and The Gold Rush helped in the shaping of British Columbia. The beautiful mountains and the lush scenery were all created by the events that occurred from the 1600's to today. From a rich heritage of Native culture preserved for eternity in museums, to the contemporary bustle of local events, British Columbia is a lively and diverse place because for past events. If the above mentioned events had never occurred, then one can only imagine how BC would be today. ...read more.

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