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Langdale Valley is so popular that footpath erosion is caused by all of the people walking around the area. Erosion is when pieces of rock are broken down and moved.

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Where is the Langdale Valley? National Parks have been created in England and Wales since 1951. A national park is defined as "a track of land declared by the national government to be public property" These were created for two main reasons: The first is that some areas of outstanding natural beauty needed protection from urban sprawl; the other is that increased car ownership gave greater access from urban areas causing traffic problems and conflicts with people living in the rural area. Langdale valley is situated in the Lake District National Park in the north west of England. It is situated just west of Ambleside which makes it popular with tourists, but it is also easily accessible as it is just a short distance from the M6 motorway. ...read more.


Even more erosion occurs when tourists stray from the eroded path because they don't like the feel or the uneven terrain of the set paths. When they do this, they trample down the grass and cause even greater scaring to the landscape. This is called "braiding". These factors have all contributed to the Langdale Valley losing some of its outstanding natural beauty. What am I going to find out? When I went to the Langdale Valley I found out the differences between a managed footpath and a non-managed footpath. I looked at many different factors concerning the footpaths, like their appearance, depth and width. ...read more.


When we came to the footpaths, we put a tent peg on each side of the path and tied a piece of string from one to the other. They we recorded a mark every 10cm along the string and measured to the ground. Also, every 10cm along the string we put a 10cm x 10cm grid down and looked at the percentage scaring of the landscape. We did this on both the eroded path and the repaired one. Whilst I am there I will record the angle of the slope of the path north to south and east to west using an angle measurer (it was 10 degrees west to east and -8 degrees north to south. I will record the weather conditions that we do our experiment in. ...read more.

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