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Legoland's main target market is families with young children.

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Legoland's main target market is families with young children. The families would enjoy a great day out while having fun with there children. The young children will have lots to do as the park is really based around them. Legoland has over 50 fantastic rides and attractions. Families with older children would not prefer Legoland, as they would not gave a fun day compared to, if they went to Thorpe Park. Thorpe Park is a thrill park and would excite them a lot more then Legoland. This is mainly because this is not the age group Legoland has targeted. Only one or two rides would attract the older children compared to nearly all the rides at Thorpe Park. Thorpe Park mainly attracts people from the age of 12 upwards as it is a thrill-seeking park. Young couples again would not have such a great time here purely because the park does not appeal to them. However they can enjoy some rides and have photos as most rides have ride photography. But Thorpe Park would be a better option, as they would enjoy themselves a lot more, with better thrill seeking rides. Legoland's nearest competitor would have to be Thorpe Park but they are two totally different parks as Legoland is aimed at 3-12 year olds where as Thorpe Parks target market is teenagers and adults. Thorpe Park is basically a thrill park as all the rides are quite intense. ...read more.


To increase visitor figures they could build a couple more rides that would attract more teenagers. Maybe a thrill ride, this will attract a much wider range of people to Legoland. They could also make more rides to expand the park and make their customers day longer and more special. NEW FOREST LOCATION The New Forest is situated in the Southern part of England. A superb family holiday destination, flanked by the sea-faring cities of Portsmouth, Southampton and the town of Poole. New Forest extends to the South coast and the Isle of Wight. The New Forest has 93,000 acres of woodland and open-land brimming with wildlife. It is the largest un-enclosed area in Southern England, with ponies, donkeys, cattle, pigs, deer's and more roaming freely. There are a lot of activities that you can take up when you're at New Forest; the activities include horse riding, camping, walking, cycling and water sports. New Forest was set aside as a special place over nine centuries ago by William the conqueror. When you enter New Forest today, it appears that you're going backwards in time. The landscape is unique and traditions exist here that are unchanged since medieval times. New Forest is well known as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). The catchment area for New Forest is quite good with a few major towns and cities nearby. ...read more.


Visitors have the chance to get right up close with the animals, as there are wild ponies and goats roaming free in the wild. The forest offers a number of centres with different animals on show, with Europe's largest gathering of multi-specied otters and owls. There are two beautiful sites you can visit they are Wildlife Park and also Longdown Activity Farm. There are a lot of activities that you can take up when you're at New Forest; the activities include horse riding, camping, walking, cycling and water sports. ACCESS Visitors can come to New Forest by car, rail and sea. By Road The road links for New Forest are excellent with the M3 and M27 providing access from London and the South East. If you are travelling from the Midlands you have the benefit of the M40 and A34. By Rail You can get to the New Forest from all over the country by train. There are over 130 stopping trains a day at Brockenhurst, which is on the mainline from London Waterloo, this is a one and a half hour journey. By sea Wightlink Ferries operate frequent services from the Isle of Wight to Lymington. P&O European Ferries operate services from Le Havre, Cherbourg and Bilbao. Brittany Ferries run services from Caen, St Malo and Santander. By Air The major London airports, Gatwick and Heathrow, are less than 100 miles away. Just outside New Forest there are Southampton and Bournemouth International Airports. These are easily accessible via good rail and coach connections. ...read more.

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