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Life in the Rainforests.

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Life in the Rainforests There are many different places in the world where people inhabit from countryside farms in India to Rocky Mountains in the U.S.A. but rainforests are different. Life there is diverse in almost every part of living. There are two types of rainforests; Tropical rainforests such as the Amazon and Temperate rainforests such as the Quinalt rainforest, Olympia National forest. Both the rainforests are similar in that the trees flare at the base and the vegetation is mainly dense, tall and very green. They are both rich in plant and animal species, although tropical rainforest usually have a greater diversity. The rainfall at a tropical rainforest is about 4 times greater than the temperate rainforest. ...read more.


Many of us who live in the developed countries take many things for granted and abuse our environment. We, the educated and civilized people of the world, need to take some time out to look at those who use but don't abuse their environment and we need to learn of them because in my opinion the indigenous people are more caring and considerate not just to the rainforest, but to everyone around them. The indigenous people of the Amazon have adapted their lifestyles around the use of the environment. They eat, drink, live and work from what the rainforest has provided them. The Indians live from hunting, fishing, agriculture and gathering. Fish is the most popular food within these tribes. ...read more.


The Amazon has a very low range of temperature throughout the year so the inhabitants don't have to worry too much about changes in temperature. A major difference in their lifestyle compared to the rest of the world is something they call "roca". This is shifting cultivation, which is the process where a forested area is cleared, burnt, and cultivated, then left abandoned to allow natural regrowth before beginning to use it again for many different purposes. This is also known as Slash-and-Burn. Slash-and-burn is practised in many tropical forest areas and in the Amazon region, yams, cassava, and sweet potatoes can be grown. This system works well while population levels are low, but where there is overpopulation, the old land will be reused before soil fertility has been restored. After a particular plant has taken up all the nutrients from a plant, it can several years for the minerals to reappear. ...read more.

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