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Madrid - what to expect

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Madrid is the capital of Spain. It is Spain's largest city and its administrative, financial and transport office. It has a population of 3 million people and covers 607 square kilometres of land. The main language is Spanish. Climate Below shows the average temperature in Madrid. Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Max 9 11 15 18 21 27 31 30 25 19 13 9 Min 1 2 5 12 10 14 17 17 14 10 5 2 The warmest months are between June and September. Madrid is a dry city, rain is rare and high heat levels are often. Madrid has four seasons and at the beginning of summer, humidity is low. Built Attractions There are various built attractions in Madrid. Many of them museums and theatres. It is best known for its 'Golden Triangle' of art museums; Prado, Reina Sofia and Thyssen - Bornomisza. ...read more.


? Festival de Oto�o (Autumn Festival), Madrid's most important annual arts festival during late October - late November in various venues. Food, drink and entertainment There are over 25 popular restaurants in Madrid, all of which are split up into 5 categories: - ? Gastronomic ? Business ? Trendy ? Budget ? Personal recommendations. The nightlife is also quite big in Madrid. There are various nightclubs and bars in the city centre. There is also a casino outside of Madrid; however, there is a free bus service to and from the casino. The age limit for that is 21 but the age limit to drink alcohol in Madrid is 16. There are various bars offering live music such as flamenco, salsa, jazz, African music and Spanish singer-songwriters. Accommodation There are a wide variety of accommodations in Madrid including hotels, apartment-hotels, hostels, hotels residencia and pensions. ...read more.


from Madrid's city centre, has three terminals. Terminal one handles all international flights (except for Iberia flights to Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Portugal). Terminal two serves domestic flights and the Iberia international flights listed above. The new terminal three is used primarily for the Madrid-Barcelona shuttles. Approximate flight times to Madrid: From London is 2 hours 15 minutes; from New York is 7 hours 5 minutes; from Los Angeles is 11 hours 5 minutes; from Toronto is 7 hours 5 minutes and from Sydney is 27 hours 30 minutes. Transport to the city: The EMT airport bus departs every ten minutes, daily from 05.30-01.30, from the underground bus terminal at Plaza de Col�n (journey time - 30-45 minutes) and costs �2.50. A taxi journey costs about �15, including a �3 airport charge (journey time - 30 minutes). Plan of the Airport Red - Iberia Air Shuttle Green - Domestic Flights 0range - International Flights ...read more.

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