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Management of mass movements : Managing landslide hazards

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  • Submitted: 23/03/2005
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AS and A Level Hazardous Environments

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Management of mass movements

Managing landslide hazards

1. Modifying the event

Slope stability can be increased by a variety of engineering techniques, which although expensive, enable control of land sliding to be largely successful. There are 2 key issues with this approach to landslide hazard management: cost and responsibility. Government funding may be available for emergency stabilization. However, building codes can enforce some user if these techniques by private developers.

2. Modify vulnerability

Most mass movements are not very rapid and thus forecasting, warning and evacuation are possible techniques. Community preparedness can be used if people are aware of the early signs of mass movement such as bulging walls, tension cracks, tilted poles and fences and new areas of waterlogged ground.

Hazard mapping is increasingly being used especially in MEDC's, as the factors that favour land sliding can be assessed to produce a hazard map. Landslide hazard assessment maps are ways of predicting the landslide threat using the factors, which influence slope stability. However, forecasting the magnitude and frequency of events is not possible. There may be problems in this approach in already developed areas, where a high hazard rating may reduce

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