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Manchester Airport.

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1.Introduction 2 2.Terminals 2 Manchester Airport World Freight Terminal 2 3. Facilities 3 4. Consultancy Advice 3 4.1 Environment department 3 4.2 Information Technology 4 4.3 Airport Security 5 4.4 Operational Management 5 4.5 Manchester Airport Community Trust Fund 5 5. Airport Advertising Ltd 5 5.1 Lightboxes: brilliant ways to present every message 6 5.2 Promotions and Showcases: the time and the place for showing off.. 6 5.3 Supersites: a message in the air... for those on the ground 6 5.4 Sponsorship: toys, telephones, trolleys and a word from the sponsor 6 5.5 Production: when a little knowledge could be a dangerous thing 7 6. Conclusion 8 7.APPENDIX 9 1.AIRLINES 9 2. SHOPS 10 3. CAFES AND BARS. 11 4.DUTY FREE 12 5.Currency Exchange and Banking Facilities 12 Terminal 1 12 6.CAR RENTAL 13 7. OTHER SERVICES AND HOTELS 13 8. AWARDS WON BY MANCHESTER AIRPORT 14 1.Introduction Manchester airport is owned and operated by Manchester Airport ply, established as a public airport company under the Airports Act 1986. Shares in the Company are held by the City of Manchester and the nine other Councils which make up Greater Manchester. As a highly profitable publicity owned utility, Manchester Airport has a duty not only to passengers and carrier, but also to its shareholders: the people who live and work nearby. Situated ten miles south of Manchester City Centre, right at the heart of the UK, and approximately halfway between London and Edinburgh, Manchester Airport has developed the largest domestic route network of any airport in the UK. With direct airline services across five continents, Manchester airport is the third largest in UK, the 16th largest international airport and the only non-London airport in the UK to have a comprehensive range of long haul flights to North America, the Middle East, the Far East, Africa, Asia and Australia. Annual passenger traffic has risen from 4.4 million passengers in 1980, to 17 million terminal passengers today. ...read more.


What is more, the message can be tuned to a time of year, a specific location and, very often, to a predicted attitude and response. Such breadth and precision can put enormous impact into your media plan, whatever the timescale, and Airport Advertising Ltd offers a range of specialist services to help you make more of it. 5.1 Lightboxes: brilliant ways to present every message In a softly-illuminated and controlled environment the glow of colour emanating from brilliant back-lit photography and sharp graphics has tremendous eye-catching appeal. The display lightboxes, situated in strategic locations, make even brighter use of this potent medium. We can find you an audience in lounges, bars and cafeterias, baggage collection areas, main concourses and along entry and exit routes. 5.2 Promotions and Showcases: the time and the place for showing off.. Early check-ins ensure a continuously mobile audience with time on its hands and a desire for interest which can be stimulated by vibrant messages and product displays.The airports also feature selected areas where live promotions and open-space exhibitions can give a highly-polished presentation of automobiles, motorcycles, business machines and similar items in a high-profile environment. Showcases built to exacting specifications provide a striking and secure setting for products of all kinds - from exquisite presentations of perfume or jewellery, to fashions, ceramics, desktop business tools and even theatrical costumes and works of art used in a promotional context.Whatever audience you select, we'll offer it all day, every day. Lightboxes are available on long and short term contracts to suit any campaign duration and sites can be selected for precise audience targetting. Standardised sizes allow easy adaptation of designs taken from national or international campaigns 5.3 Supersites: a message in the air... for those on the ground Many people who visit an airport never actually leave the ground. So strategically-sited airport supersites deliver a tremendously increased audience. To reach not only the millions who fly but a few million more who don't, short or long term campaigns on 96 and 48 sheet sites are offered which adapt perfectly to international and national campaigns. ...read more.


At the end of the First week a booklet was handed to the group, that included a self-assessment test, in order to evaluate the skills of the individual in managerial decision making and that had to be completed for the week that followed. It was the first time for me to do something like that and I was amazed to realize that typical decisions in business environment has such an effect and that the manager has to take so many things in consideration. The module program also included a trip visit to Manchester Airport and a video presentation and to my mind these things were very strange so I was looking forward. The visit to Manchester Airport, was a really educational visit in every way. I have many times in an airport and sometimes spent nearly half a day but it was that presentation by Mr. Aidan Mooney (Business Development Manager), Richard Kaberry (Corporate Strategy Manager) and Chris Walkden (industry Affairs Manager) which gave such a clear view of the operation and managing of an airport. What was a surprise to me , was the fact that the only thing the airport did not charge was the oxygen. They make money out of everything. A full report on the airport was given in the first part of the a assignment. The video presentation was also a surprise. At first I was against the whole idea because of the little time and the weather but it proved to be the most educational of all. When you have to manage number and fact it is easy comparing to people and especially, among different cultures and nationalities. But if there is a purpose and common sense everything can be done. I was very happy that day although I was unsatisfied by the way things were going before we started because I realized that prejudice is the worst thing a manager should have. The result of course wasn't so good as the other but I was proud I took my lesson which worth more than a good grade. PESONAL DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP MANCHESTER AIRPORT 1 ...read more.

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