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Mans Influence On The Environment.

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Mans Influence On The Environment The Increase In Population There is an increase in population; the world's population is increasing slowly but steadily. It is increasing by 1.7%, 1.2 million, every year. A population is limited by food supply, this happens because population size is determined by food and nutrients available to people and people's competition to reproduce. This population is increasing because such factors which control or reduce population have been removed:- > The risk of death by disease has been reduced by modern medicine, which causes the population to increase. > Farming techniques have also made more food available for this rise in population. > The birth rate is rising, especially in under-developed countries. ...read more.


This in turn pollutes the air and contributes to the green house effect. * CFC's, chloro-fluoro-carbons, are found in aerosols, fridges, air-conditioning units and polystyrene. These gases pollute the air and effects of previous use has caused a hole in the ozone layer, which means UV rays can reach the earths surface and irritate people, causing cancer etc. Food Supply And Farming Over farming and destruction of land pollute the environment and leaves animals with out homes. Also our production supports the rise in population. Fertilising also causes water pollution. Some of the following farming techniques have a bad influence on the world;- Removal of hedges removes the natural habitat of wild creatures can cause soil erosion. ...read more.


Increase in carbon dioxide levels-due to decrease in photosynthesis. The Green House Effect Human kind created the green house effect all alone, this creates great problems and self-inflicted wound. This all happened due to:- The earth's temperature is affected by the difference between the energy received from the sun and the energy it radiates back. The earth's atmosphere thickness is rising slowly, this is called the greenhouse effect. Methane and carbon dioxide are extremely good at reclaiming heat, and levels of production of these have increased. This increases the thickness of the layer of green house gases and keeps more heat in. This greenhouse effect may cause flooding and drought due to changes in weather patterns and climate. Increase of deforestation has increased the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, and this is a greenhouse gas and contributes to the greenhouse effect. ...read more.

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