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Mexico City is one of the most densely populated cities in the world, exceeding those in Brazil and parts of Africa.

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Mexico City is one of the most densely populated cities in the world, exceeding those in Brazil and parts of Africa. The number of people living there is estimated to be 16 million but due to the constant internal migration, the figures could easily be in the region of 32 million people. It is the Primate city in Mexico and the number of it's inhabitants far exceeds the numbers of people living in smaller cities. Mexico's second largest city has a population of only two million. The vast amount of people living in Mexico City has created socioeconomic problems such as lack of adequate housing, pollution, poor standard of living, rising levels of crime, excessive traffic, health and environmental concerns. People are often lured from rural to city areas by the promise and prospect of improved wages and better standard of living. ...read more.


In addition to existing socioeconomic problems, the government has to fund and make provisions for more schools, employment, sanitation and housing to support the ever increasing urban population, fuelled mostly by rural migrants. This appears to be a never ending circle as the movement of people from surrounding cities and the country side threatens to continue in a non-ending stream, for there will always be movement of people in search of the good life from rural to city areas so long as inequalities in employment opportunities, wages, housing, health/sanitation and education remain unaddressed between the two areas. High birth and mortality rates mean that Mexico's population continues to rise slowly. In the 50's the death rate decreased due to advances in medical care and vaccinations. ...read more.


The extremely poor are left with no choice but to search and scavenge for food in rubbish bins and from open waste dump sites. The cost of living in Mexico is roughly comparable to that of North America, however Mexicans earn one twentieth of the amount of money earned by their American counterparts. In 1988, after the last major earthquake in Mexico, a new self help scheme was introduced in the shanty towns. The aim was to construct new low cost housing and help people become employed again. It has since been successful in educating people about family planning and contraceptive methods. The outlook continues to look less bleak but recent advancements can not be taken for granted and the government can not afford to be complacent if progress and development are to be encouraged and supported. Jean-Kemi Ogunmuyiwa 10 Jupiter Geography Case Study ...read more.

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