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Minehead: Coastal Management

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Minehead: Coastal Management Location On the Somerset coast, facing the Bristol Channel. Issue * In recent years, powerful sea currents have removed much of Minehead's beach and caused floods. No new material was being brought from the west by longshore drift as groynes built trapped material thus preventing the harbour from sitting up. ...read more.


Flood Defence Scheme * Approved in 1996. Aims: 1. provide sea defences 2. raise the amenity value of the seafront * Sea wall was raised by 0.6 metres. Cost �9 million. * 300,000 tonnes of sand and shingle will raise the beach by 2 metres. * Rock armour and 4 groynes. Former will add support at base of sea wall. ...read more.


Beach may need reshaping after severe storms. * Funding agencies - Central government (MAFF), Environment Agency, West Somerset district Council, Rank Group plc. * The promenade and new seating were raised to preserve the fine sea views over the sea wall. In addition, access to the beach was made easier for those with pushchairs and wheelchairs by providing ramps. ...read more.

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