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Monkey Face

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Monkey Face First let me explain what monkey face is. Monkey face is a cliff that hangs over a small lake in the Royal National Park of Australia. This cliff is roughly 15 metres high. Tourists rarely go there because the lake is hidden from the near by overpopulated beach. The cliff is only accessible by foot as there are large boulders blocking the path and masses of foliage, some of which have threatening barbs and spikes. There are different parts of the cliff that jumping from is possible, each having different heights. The smallest of them was only about 3 metres, with 5 metres being next to that. Proceeding along the cliff line, you would find a 10 metre rock ledge enclosed by dense vegetation. Finally at the top of the cliff you have Monkey Face. To be honest I never really knew why it was originally named that. It was either because the cliff looked like a monkey's face when viewed from a particular angle or maybe it was because the jumper would look like a monkey screaming and waving his arms around before impacting with the flat freshwater surface. ...read more.


Anneliese was a really thin girl, almost to the point where one would think she suffers from anorexia. To the other extremity there was Vaughn. Vaughn loved to eat, and he was very large. Not toned or trim, just large. Anneliese, Vaughn and I were all really great friends. After saying my hellos to my peers, I turned my attention to Vaughn who was sitting down on the grass, holding an opened packet of chocolates and smiling. "Give me some food. I'm hungry". "Nah man, wait till we get out to Monkey". "But you're eating!" "Yeah, what's your point?" I kicked him hard in the foot and sat down directly below where I was standing. We waited for around five minutes for Vinnie to finish packing food into his bag. Then we all grabbed a bicycle each and started cycling towards the beach. I don't know why Vinnie owns that many bikes, he just did and that was that. Anneliese rode her bike up near mine and asked me; "So what's your excuse for being so late today?" ...read more.


I had plenty of ideas of how to create some action, but most ideas were too harsh or too fatiguing or needed too much cooperation from the other guys. I took Anneliese's hat, sunglasses, and shoes and put them on in an act of jest. I rushed over to the point of the cliff that was roughly ten metres above the surface. I promptly made myself known which in turn sent Anneliese running towards me exclaiming "No! Don't!" I hesitated for a moment, and just when I was in her arms reach, I leapt off the cliff. She looked very confused but decided coming after me was a good idea. She jumped in after me, and having the advantage of not being weighed down by shoes, it wasn't long before I was caught. Rage seemed to get the best of her, and almost as instinct she tried drowning me. The attack lasted a mere twenty seconds or so, but the results weren't something to be proud of. The hat and shoes were floating on the surface of the lake, but the $80 sunglasses had sunk to the bottom. Never o be found again... ?? ?? ?? ?? Jezen Thomas Form 5C - 1 - ...read more.

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