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Case Study: Montserrat 1) Describe the volcanic activity that has occurred in the Soufriere Hills volcano in the last year. 2) Describe how they are trying to promote tourism in the island. Part 1: The following list indicates the various volcanic activity that has taken place of the Soufriere Hills volcano in the last year: - The Montserrat volcano sifted a plume of ash on 3rd of February - An eruption like scenario was administered on the 17th of April - A faint plume of volcanic ash blows westward across the Atlantic from the tiny island of Montserrat into the centre of town on July 1st - The Soufriere Hills Volcano burped again in late July 2005. ...read more.


Sadly, most of Montserrat islands properties were destroyed when the volcano struck. Indirectly, this could have been slightly beneficial to the tourism industry, the feats of the volcano and its impact attracts tourists and they are willing to see the island. In order to emphasize and promote this effect the people of Montserrat have done various things, here are some: - Montserrat has one of the lowest crime rate and is probably the only island which represents the true Caribbean holiday which is less modernised yet provides luxury faculty's. - There has been an increase in the number of tourist accommodation with significantly high standards - Montserrat has no fast food chain restaurants. ...read more.


- Montserrat offers the famed Air Studio where the likes of Elton John are to be seen - Montserrat offers some of the best rum in the world with its own brewery in Salem - Montserrat offers enough diving, canoeing and jet ski facilities - Montserrat offers its own observatory of the Soufriere Hills volcano - Montserrat boasts green mountains, world renowned nature trails, deserted dark sand beaches, untouched reefs and an amazing water park Tourists are also attracted to the fact that they can have a budget holiday because of the fairly cheap prices of Montserrat. The above are really most of what promotes tourism on the island. By Kapil Devji 10B ...read more.

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