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My Favourite Place

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My Favourite Place Would you fancy going to a location where the temperature is fantastic every day, would you like to go to an area where people are kind-hearted and admire you, do you get pleasure from playing on beaches and fancy having a wonderful time, do you like shopping in massive shopping malls and like to stay in enormous 5 star hotels? If so, then you would be keen on coming to India. Golden sand on the beaches, blockages in the drains close to attractive sites, foreign languages being spoken next to my ear, icy blue sparkling water splashing against the massive mountains, lines of traffic everywhere, individuals hooting their horn in the direction of the traffic, stacks of garbage all over the place, police finding it awkward to keep the traffic under control, little children pleading for groceries and loose change, small bungalows made from dirt with no water and electrical energy, enormous streams of filthy water and unclean wild animals roaming the streets looking for food. There are many marvellous locations in India where you can head off to have a magnificent time such as the beaches, theme parks and other amusing sites which are spotless. ...read more.


A great deal of people in India live on the streets or in houses made of dirt with no electricity. Even though folks in India have money they are very happy and enjoy life. Some people have to work day and night to provide food for their families yet they don't have enough money to supply them with electricity. There are countless locations in India where you can see different structures from holy places to historic structures. One of the most visited is the Taj Mahal which was built in 1631 by 20,000 workmen who were forced to build the Taj and the building cost more than $200,000,000 in today's currency . There are many great restaurants with delicious food from the finest vegetables. The taste is unbelievable and out on the highway you can hear sounds coming from cars as they blow their horns in the direction of the traffic. In some places you can smell delicious food being cooked and in other parts of the city you can whiff dead animals which have been thrown on to a field. ...read more.


Near the end of my vacation I went shopping in gigantic shopping malls and bought several garments. The clothes were not costly and were high-quality. On the last day me and my family woke up at 12 o'clock and went to my cousins house to say goodbye and handed over them clothes that we bought for them. In the afternoon we started stuffing our clothes in the hand bags and at dinner at a posh restaurant to end the day. India is special to me considering that both my parents and their parents were raised up in India. I feel India is a wonderful country and I have loads of friends there. India is like a second home to me as I go there almost every year and most of my relatives are there. India has lots of magnificent places to visit and the majority of my relations are there. Me and my family go to India almost each year to visit our relatives and too put our feet up in the sun. We have a massive mansion in Mumbai near a beach and stay there when on vacation. The equipment and clothing there is certainly not expensive and me and my family always have a splendid vacation. (985 WORDS) By Gavinder Johal ...read more.

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