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My Personal Experience - My personal experience is about my holiday to Gran Canaria, which is one of the Canry Islands.

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My Personal Experience My personal experience is about my holiday to Gran Canaria, which is one of the Canry Islands. I went on the 17th of June 2002, and returned on the 24th. I went with my mum and dad. I took one of my friends with me called Pat/ and my brother and three of his friends, Mark, Scott, and John also went with us. We travelled by aeroplane and the flight seemed really long. Everybody was asleep most of the way there but I was awake the whole way either watching TV, listening to music, or thinking about the holiday. I was so exited. We finally arrived at the airport in sunny Gran Canaria and waited for our luggage to come through. ...read more.


Both sides had a swimming pool and the pool on our side had a bar and two pool tables. The apartments were really nice inside and had two big bedrooms with a big bathroom and a fair sized living room with a joined on kitchen. The apartments also had a TV and a balcony that overhangs the pool. When we had settled in we all went for a meal at a fancy restaurant just across from the apartments. Then at night we went out to explore and have something to eat and drink. On the second day of our holiday we went down to the swimming pool and then got a taxi down to the beach which only cost two euros. ...read more.


Puerto Rico is a very picturesque place. The scenery was really nice with the hotels built into the rock face. There was a harbour with lots of beautiful boats and a lovely beach where you could sunbathe. We would really have liked to stay an extra day or so. We got back quite late so we just went to a pub that had live entertainment. The last few nights were spent at the beach, the poolside, the shops and the markets. At night we went somewhere with entertainment. The hottest temperature at the beach was 42�. When we got the flight home, I had forgotten to change back into my winter clothes and when we got off the plane it was absolutely freezing. It was one of the best holidays I have ever had and I would definitely go back and I would recommend this holiday to anyone. ...read more.

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