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National Parks As Playgrounds

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National Parks as Playgrounds 1. My reason for deciding National Parks are playgrounds * A National Park is an area set aside by Government for the protection of the environment. National Parks should be preserved but at the same time they should be enjoyed by members of the public which makes me have the opinion that they should be places for current enjoyment, i.e. playgrounds. * I do not think that National Parks are museums because museums are buildings used for storing and exhibiting objects of historical, scientific, or cultural interest. * Also, I do not think that National Parks are Sanctuaries because these are known as Nature Reserves which protect plants, birds and wild animals for their own sake. 2. Additional reasons why I consider National Parks are playgrounds * In England, National Parks were defined by Act of Parliament (1949) as "areas of great natural beauty giving opportunities for open-air recreation, established so that natural beauty can be preserved and enhanced and so that the enjoyment of the scenery by the public can be promoted." ...read more.


Only the Tunnel Mountain site near Banff, and the Lake Louise Trailer Park have electricity hook-ups. Both sites are open throughout the year. The others are open in the summer months only. Fees are between $10 and $20 a night, with an extra $3 firewood. * Banff has it's popularity, it's ecological and cultural importance, it's contribution to the economy and it's service to visitors all serve to create a park that is quite unlike any other protected area in Canada. * Banff is a place where people can discover the wonder of the natural environment and appreciate first hand the richness of the heritage. It is also a place where people recognise their role in the Eco-system and act accordingly. * Costa Rica has 60% services * Tourism in Costa Rica now has more than 781,000 tourists each year. Giving it the 69th biggest tourist industry out of 176 countries world wide. * Costa Rica's National Parks contain volcanoes, cave systems, tropical forests and long sandy beaches many of the 781,000 tourists visit the National Parks. ...read more.


are bred and protected National Parks may contain birds and animals 6. The large numbers of people entering National Parks could begin to change the Parks. They could cause problems such as congestion, ruining natural habitats, the gradual erosion of footpaths and vegetation and the overcrowding of "Honeypots." Therefore visitors need to be managed to make sure that these problems don't occur this can be achieved by giving guided tours, only allowing a certain number of people to enter the park or setting up toll systems where visitors have to pay to view the scenery or experience the wide range of activities the park has to offer. The final solution to dealing with the problem of too many tourists is to use zones which can help to protect wildlife and allow Eco-systems to be maintained, they can help the park authorities because they allow the control and management of visitors coming in and out of the park. The only problem with zoning is that it prevents free access for visitors. Banff National Park is managed because it allows nature to flourish and people from all around the world can take part in the life of the park and also allows the richness of life to be respected and celebrated. ...read more.

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