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Nature of tourist industry Environment & Attractions: Tanzania.

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Nature of tourist industry Environment & Attractions: Since World War II, increasing numbers of tourists have come to visit Tanzania. However before 1977, there was little attempt to try to encourage tourism. In 1977 the Tanzania Tourist Corporation (TTC) launched a campaign to attract foreigners. As part of the plan, two major tourist regions with hotels and lodges were established. The northern region is the more popular, with many National Parks and reserves. In these areas, tourists can enjoy hunting, fishing, game viewing, photography, and many other varied activites. The coastal tourist region includes Dar es Salaam, Mafia Island, Zanzibar, Mikumi National Park, and the Tanzanian coastline. The Kilimanjaro International Airport links these points of attraction. In 1994, the Tanzania Tourist Board replaced the TTC and was given the permission to make Tanzania a more attractive and competitive tourist destination. ...read more.


to ... Tourism is among the major industries in Tanzania, others include tobacco, diamond and gold mining. The amount of money that tourism brings in to Tanzania has steadily increased over the years. There are a large number of organised holidays and tours which people use to go to Tanzania Effects of tourism: Social Positive: - Better communication systems e.g roads and buses are built to try to increase tourism. These improvements also benefits locals. - Both locals and tourists experience new cultures. Negative: - Conflicts between resort owners and locals. - Conflicts over natural resources. - Conflicts between tourists and locals. - Locals may become influenced by Western ideas. - Traditional culture may change. - Locals may take advantage of foreigners and exploit them. ...read more.


- Increased pressure on natural resources. Management of tourism: - The government has passed rules to try to make sure that the country's environment is preserved: - All new resorts have to pass environmental impact assessments before they are opened. - The president has said that there are only to be 500,000 visitors a year. - Laws have been created to protect and conserve all marine and coastal areas. These laws also try to involve the local residents in the conservation of these areas. - Many National Parks, Environmental conservational areas, Marine Parks have been created. - Tanzania's tourist industry has not been going for a long time, therefore it can look at other country's (eg Kenya) and see where they made their mistakes and then try to avoid making these mistakes. - There are many different groups, which work together to protect Tanzania from all the negative effects of Tourism. Laura Bacon VA 17.3.03 ...read more.

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