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Nuclear power.

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Nuclear power has changed the world. It has enabled the world to do many things that would have otherwise been impossible. There are two types of nuclear power Fission and Fusion. Fission occurs when a nucleus of an atom splits in two in order to gain greater stability. When the atom splits there is a huge amount of energy released. In this reaction there is a difference in mass between the reactants and their products. This energy can then be used to boil water, which can in turn be used to turn turbines and therefore make electricity. The other type is fusion. This is the kind of process that occurs in the sun. In this process 2 small atoms are forced together to form a bigger one. This process also releases large quantities of energy. Nuclear power has many advantages. It provides huge amounts of power of the amount of fuel that is used. ...read more.


Many native peoples have suffered as the result of the need for Uranium increases. Lots of the land where uranium is mined for used to belong to the native people of the country. Now that it has been discovered the government is moving in and developing the land and this is causing the native people to lose their way of life and identity. France has a large nuclear power station program. This is because they need large qualities of energy and do not have the large coal or oil reserves that would be need to produce the this amount of power by using fossil fuels. France has the ability to enrich reprocess and disposes of its waste, which means that it is fairly self-sufficient. France also exposes lots of electricity to the rest of Europe and this brings in about 2.6 billion Euros a year. Russia has been involved in nuclear energy for a long time. ...read more.


One argument is that if we understand something we can better protect ourselves against it. The opposite view is that there is no way that we will ever be able to completely control these materials so we should look at other ways of producing power. Another concern is that once a country has built a civil nuclear power program they can easily make fissile material for a nuclear bomb. To do this they would need to build a uranium enrichment plant. The government could easily claim that it is being used to produce enriched uranium for they civilian power stations. They would then have all of the materials that they would need to build a nuclear bomb. This could have long-term effects on the balance of world power and terrible environment effects if launched. Uranium is often enriched by diffusion or by using a centrifuge. It is clear that the world has been changed by this newly available source of energy. There are those who wish to embrace it and those who want to ban it. One thing is for sure we cannot ignore it. ...read more.

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