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Okeechobee County.

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Omar Shakeel November 3, 2001 Period # 5 Okeechobee County Okeechobee County was created in 1917 from Osceola, Palm Beach, and St. Lucie Counties. It is positioned in south central Florida, just west of the Fort Pierce region and is named for the great lake that it surrounds. The chief industry is agriculture, and the farms generate a huge amount of winter vegetables due to the natural soils of the county. Beside agriculture and dairying, Okeechobee County has a very little industry of any kind. The county is home to many local animals and plants sustained by the distinctive environment surrounding Lake Okeechobee. Lake Okeechobee is the second major freshwater lake within the United States. It is not very deep, with an average depth of only 14 feet. Fishing is a year round business. This lake has an outer surface area of 730 square miles. Its size is 448,000 acres and can hold about 1.05 trillion gallons of water. The chief sources of inflow to the lake is precipitation making up 39 percent, the Kissimmee River, which contributes 31 percent, and the Harney Pond and Indian Prairie Fish Eating and Taylor Creeks add 30 percent. ...read more.


Every winter, thousands of people from the north head to Okeechobee County in search of warmth from the snowy and damp weather to take pleasure in the exquisiteness of the fish- filled waters of Lake Okeechobee. The city of Okeechobee has a population of 5,071 citizens and roughly 1,935 families. The city an area of 5 square miles, and is more likely the main city in the county. It is situated 27.4 degrees north of the equator and 80.82 degrees west of the prime meridian. The city of Okeechobee functions under a city manager type of government that is almost set up as a business corporation. The city's ruling body is made up of 5 representatives who live inside the city limits. They are selected to four-year terms. Five member of the city commission elect the mayor of the city. At this time, James E. Kirk is the Mayor. Another significant city in Okeechobee County is Taylor Creek. Its population is around 4,081 with about 2,807 families Taylor Creek has a land area of 10.078 square kilometers and is positioned 27.21 degrees north of the equator and 80.78 degrees west of prime meridian. ...read more.


It was the first settlement inside the boundaries of present day Okeechobee County and came about because of military actions. Other significant details about the Okeechobee County include, that it has a 7 percent unemployment rate. Its name comes from two Hitchi words,- Oki meaning water, and Chobi meaning big. The county also has 6 local banks, but no overseas banks, and its solid waste is tossed away in sanitary landfills. Also, fuel oil and LP gas is accessible in all districts. Okeechobee has 12,593 households and the average house purchase price is $89,830. The county's residents in 2000 was 35,910 and the number inhabitants is projected to reach as high as 45,273 by the year of 2015. According to the county population, 70.7 percent are white, 5.3 percent are black, 1 percent are Native Americans, 0.6 percent are Asians, 13 percent are Hispanic, and 9.4 percent are mixed races or other. Okeechobee County is perhaps one the most important counties in Florida. It is mostly known for Lake Okeechobee, but is serves other purposes also. It strengthens Florida's tourism industry, and leads the state in beef and dairy production. No doubt, without Okeechobee County, Florida would not be complete. ...read more.

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